Saturday, July 7, 2018


Nehemiah 8:10b;......for the joy of the Lord is your strength

The source of joy for some, is from the things possessed,
But in the end most feel let down and so depressed.
God's way is so much better and surely gives one joy, 
Rejoice in God's gift of joy, and your strength no one will destroy. (RP)

Going through eleven years of pictures looking for appropriate ones to put in my Shepherd book, was a delightful experience. With it also came some emotional moments.  Pictures of Marge popped up occasionally that brought precious memories.  I was also trying to find a picture of our latest truck and trailer (fifth wheel) for the publisher's design team to help me come up with a theme for the cover of the book. That all is still future, but at least I have some pictures to submit. Rawlie left yesterday afternoon, and it was so nice having him here those days.  And I thank YOU for praying.

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