Monday, February 28, 2011

Eye doctor appointment

This morning Margie sees her eye doctor and tomorrow her family doctor. We are praying for positive results at each place.  We will do some shopping while in town in both places today and tomorrow.  Yesterday was a most enjoyable time as we at church.  The fellowship was wonderful, and we heard a very good message. In the afternoon, as usual, we "go to church" again via the recorded sermons on the TV.  What a blessing they are also.
Margie had a poor night but finally got to sleep.  She is tired today.  The sun is shining and the forecast is for snow. We'll see.    

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trip cancellation

Today we were invited to our son's home for a birthday party.  But snow ruled the day and it would be inadvisable to make that trip after church.  It has been postponed until next Saturday instead.  That is the best decision.  But I was highly honored on my 80th with my favorite "menu" prepared by my bride of almost 57 years and many e-mails, birthday cards phone calls and Skype communications.  With no prescription drugs, good health and relatively few pains, I can truly thank the Lord for these years He has given me. To Him belongs all the honor and glory.  My theme of life is:  Every day is a gift from God and we take nothing for granted.  How true.  Do you agree?   Margie had a wonderful night.  Thank you Lord.  Even though there is a "hint" of snow on the roads, we plan, Lord willing, to go down the hill to our church just 1.7 miles away.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


We are grateful to the Lord for giving Margie another good night.  After her very tiring episode with a choking spell a couple of days ago, we have prayed much and asked you also to remember her.   Thank you so much.
Yesterday despite her weakened condition, Margie did the washing and ironing.  She is determined to move onward even with these physical set backs. I think I have finished all the background work needed to now finalize our report for the IRS.  I hope so.  Snow is forecast for today but only a little bit. The 55 mph winds out of the north have subsided.  Last night the temperature was supposed to be 12 degrees, but was 25.  That's good. Rawlie, our son, called this morning and concurred with us that we will not be driving to his place tomorrow for an afternoon lunch.  It is snowing there and we probably couldn't get up the hill to their home.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What's next?

Margie had a good night.  Yesterday's ordeal of choking really did her in, however, and she really had to take it easy the rest of the day. She told me last night that she didn't think she had the strength to go through another one like yesterday's.  Please pray with us about this.  I cannot even imagine the strain this is on the body when one can't get his next breath.  We have gone the doctor route so many times and they have no answers. Thank you for helping us with your intercession.  This morning I took the recycle things to the street for pickup later.  I also took the garbage can.  But with the high winds, how can you leave paper in the container.  It would fly right out.(as our street testifies - seeing all the clutter on it now )  I put it in plastic garbage bags and put those inside the crates.  Then I removed the garbage can lid and secured the garbage in the plastic sack and tethered the whole can to the tree with a rope  so the wind won't take it away (like it has many other times).  I am finally learning.  And so goes the day.  More snow is forecast for tomorrow night.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update on Margie

Choking spells come on Margie unexpectedly.  She hardly has a clue it's about to happen, and especially when you are awakened from sleep with the inability to breathe. Early this morning two attacks were finally subdued with treatment and she was able to go back to sleep.  Last night was a stormy one with strong winds and very cold temperatures.  to the south of us in the next county, schools are closed.  Here we have no snow but some is forecast.  We'll see.  Top temperature today should hit around 25 or so.  Still, it's much better than many parts of our country.   This afternoon we have prayer meeting at the church.  Hopefully all will be clear for that trip down the hill to the church.  Thanks so much for praying.  We appreciate it so much.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What's ahead?

The weatherman says we will get high winds tonight out of the north.  55 mph is the forecast.  And yes, we will probably get some snow with it.  We have had a pretty good winter when we compare things with other parts of the country.  Naturally we will take what comes.  South of us all the way to Everett, many schools are closed and our son said he will stay home to do his work.  With his laptop he can do it anywhere and prevent the dangerous commute to Everett. Margie did probably too much yesterday and had some body pains which she doesn't usually experience.  So she will take it easy today and try not to repeat that ordeal.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More snow

We awakened this morning to a light layer of snow on the ground.  More is promised for this week.  They actually called it a storm warning.  So we will wait and see.  Yesterday I had a "shut down" in our web page. I deleted all the old files of 11 years used when we served with Shepherds Ministries. So the software program got a "headache" over this and I had to start all over again and make the one which is published today - almost identical to the other one but nevertheless, a new one.  Today I resume recording data in order to complete our Income Tax reporting.  Margie had a good night and we thank the Lord for that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Regular schedule

Monday seems to be the day we use to do our shopping in town.  Even though it is Presidents Day, the stores we visit will be open.  We hope to get it all done and be back in Ferndale before too long.  Yesterday was a blessing to meet missionary Don Trott ABWE who we mentioned yesterday in our blog.  It was a blessing to hear his report on the progress of the Wendell Kempton Memorial Medical Center in Mango, Togo.  Our son Rawlie treated us to lunch at a nice restaurant and stayed for a short visit afterward and a latte then headed back to his home in Stanwood.  The weatherman forecasts snow this week.  We'll see.  Margie had a pretty good night but did have a choking spell at one time.  These always concern us and we will never get used to them.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


At our church today we will hear missionary Don Trott preaching and giving an update on the new hospital being built in Mango, Togo, by ABWE (Mission Agency - Association of Baptists for World Evangelism).It is the The Wendell Kempton Medical & Ministry Center. To add to that pleasure, we also have our son, Rawlie visiting and we appreciate that.  Yesterday we attended the memorial service for Rev. John Lunsford.  It was a Christ-honoring service and we were privileged to see several of our friends from more distant locations who were present for the service.  Today is beautiful.  The sun is shining brightly and at 7:45 am, the temperature is 28 degrees (in the sun).  We certainly cannot complain when we see many other parts of the country in snow and other inclement weather.  Margie had a good night and we are off to a good start this morning.  I will make a latte for Rawlie (and me).  Rawlie raves about these and I am delighted to be able to make one for him.  He will attend the church service with us this morning.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


At 1 pm today, our pastor will be conducting the funeral service for his father, Rev John Lunsford.  He and his wife Jewel have been in our church for a number of years.  John was a faithful prayer warrior.  We would receive calls requesting any thing he could pray for.  We appreciated his intercession.   Yesterday was a big day with all the washing and drying and folding of clothes.  Margie did it all and today plans to iron.  Sending our newsletter electronically was a little too much for her so I sent off the rest of those while she wrote personal notes on hard copies we send out. Next year, Lord willing, I will figure out a better system for her so she will not have that frustration.  Rumors have it that our son will come today or tomorrow.  We look forward to that.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful day

Bright sunshine this morning. Strong northeast winds will come down from Canada tonight bringing the thermometer down. But with all this we still have amazing weather compared to most of the country. Margie and I have our work  cut out for us this morning.   I continue to record data from our receipts for 2010 and she will be writing both electronically and by hand more notes on our 2011 newsletter.  Margie has to pace herself carefully so as not to aggravate her neck and have a return to those awful days of excruciating pain. We enjoyed the time of prayer yesterday afternoon at the church.  I will be glad when I can return to my "studies" for the at-home-work.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work cut out for us

Today Margie continues her work on the 2011 newsletter and I am  fine tuning all the stuff for our IRS reports.  We are so happy to have competent help for this project. Yesterday we both were able to get quite a bit accomplished on our two projects. This afternoon we have prayer meeting at our church.  Snow is forecast for this area but it's only a little bit cold and so far no snow. Before Sunday we still may see some we are told.  Yesterday we lost our daily paper in the high winds.  Today it is more calm and I retrieved it before it gets away.
Margie had a good night and is just about ready to start the day.  Thank you for praying.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strong wind

Our weather has been rather mild but the wind is blowing very hard.  the weatherman said this morning that from now until Sunday we MAY get some snow if the moisture content is high enough. And it will cool down some for all that to happen.  The northeast winds come out of the Frazer Valley in Canada and we are a direct target for them. Yesterday we invited a very good friend to have lunch with us at a local restaurant.  We had such a nice time.  This couple has been very supportive of our ministry during the years we worked with Shepherds.
Margie, again had a good night.  Today she is working on our newsletter and I will be doing IRS "stuff".  It will be nice to get back to by "studies" for at-home-work.  At the moment, however, these things are the priorities.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Paper follow up

I reported yesterday the high winds (60 mph +) took our paper away.  To our surprise we found it close to home even after I had spend 15 minutes searching for it.  We went to town yesterday and were glad to get our shopping done in fairly good time.  BUT we did have an emergency.  Our dear friend was rushed to the hospital from the rest home and I went to pray with him.  I actually didn't think he was going to "make it", but later in the day others visited and he was talking.  What a miracle of modern medicine.  I worked part of the day on IRS stuff and will continue that this morning.   Margie had a severe choking spell at 7 this morning.  Thankfully it finally calmed down and now she is doing OK.  These and other physical frailties remind us daily of our temporal setting here in life. Thank you so much for praying.  We deeply appreciate it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Paper trail

This title is a pun because the wind is blowing so hard this morning and our paper is "gone with the wind".  They will just give us credit and we'll have to go without the paper today.  I could read it online but it's hard for Margie to do it this way. Yesterday we enjoyed our time at church.  It was communion Sunday and for the first time in my ministry I had the privilege of serving the communion instead officiating as pastor.  The elders right after the morning service at church, went about 5 miles out of town to pray with a man who thought he may not make it to morning.  He had serious surgery and  is very ill.   In the evening there was a business meeting at church which I attended but Margie was not able to go.   This morning, we plan on going into town for some necessary business, if the wind will be kind to us.  It is blowing hard out there.  I have heard the sirens roaring already and even at the end of our street a power truck is parked.  Someone has doubtless lost their power. That's an imminent threat with these high winds.  Margie had a good night.  Thank you Lord.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Sunday: This is our day to go to church and enjoy the fellowship with believers, mix with non-believers, pray and worship.  We look forward to it.  Last evening we had a delightful visit with our grandson, Nathan.  He was in Ferndale doing some maintenance work on a house and dropped by for supper and a visit.  Those are special times for us.  Our son also called later on the telephone and we had a good chat. Margie had a good night and so did I.  It has rained a lot these last few days.  Today seems no different.  But we live in Washington.  What do we expect?   That is what makes everything so green.  And we love it.  We hope and pray you each have a great day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Great time

The senior luncheon we announced yesterday was very delightful.  The tables were nicely decorated and the three kinds of soup served were delicious. The appetizers were "yummy" and the entire time was a blessing.  8 of us missionary retirees were asked to give an experience from our service on the field that was noteworthy to us.
In the morning and part of the afternoon, Margie washed, dried, folded and ironed the clothes.  The only thing I did was the sheets.  I enjoy folding fitted sheets.  It's a challenge. This morning as I write, there is a strong wind blowing.  In fact 3 times the lights dimmed a bit so I wonder if we will lose power before it's over. Margie commented this morning what a blessing it was to have a good nights sleep.  For so many years she was denied that pleasure.  We are so thankful.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Senior Luncheon

At noon we attend a senior luncheon at our church.  The former missionaries who attend each will give a testimony of something in their ministry which was noteworthy.   Margie & I are looking forward to this.  Yesterday we had afternoon prayer meeting and although the attendance is low, we are happy to meet with those who care to pray.  Margie had a good night for which we always are thankful.  We pray you all have a good day this day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yesterday, as I told several, I "bit the bullet" and signed up for a possible at-home job.  At first the process is intriguing and I am enjoying it.  When I get through all the lessons and launch out into the "deep", we will see how it goes.  I know it will take some time.  But we are most grateful to the Lord for His provision for us until I have more work.  We never cease to be amazed.  God is good.  Yesterday Margie spent time in the kitchen preparing different things.  We are glad her strength level is improving.  Now we ask you to pray for me as I study and learn this Internet business. We appreciate your help in prayer so much.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Foot doctor

Margie had her second treatment at the foot doctor yesterday.  The first one gave marvelous relief to pain she had experienced for a long time.  It appears we will be returning their monthly for this important treatment.  Margie had a good night.  Today the sun is shining brightly.  When that happens we always enjoy it. Even though it is cold, it certainly is not like other places in the country.  In fact people around her are pruning their trees already. Could it be that Spring is coming?  We think so.  I am still pursuing at home employment opportunities. If any one needs wisdom, I am the guy. The hodge-podge of Internet "lures" are numerous and alone I cannot make the right decision.  Thanks for praying

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper work

It's remarkable how involved paper work can be.  We purchased cancellation insurance for our flight to Milwaukee in December,but Margie was not able to fly so we applied for a refund.  It has taken this long to finalize the deal.  It involved a trip to her medical doctor to fill out forms, and another follow call to her later.  We received the first installment of the refund payment last week, but in order to get the rest the airline held in our account in case we wanted to to apply it to our next flight, we had to fill out special papers and sign them and send them in.  We know now that to get a refund on flight cancellation insurance is a lengthy procedure.  Yesterday we had a fast paced shopping trip into Bellingham.  It is always good to be home.  Margie had a good night for which we are grateful.  I'm still pursuing employment. My brother in Alaska is "thinking" for me about ideas.  Maybe one of these days one will "gel" into reality.  We pray so.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Off to town

This morning, before long, we will be leaving for Bellingham to do some necessary shopping.  We have noticed how much better it is to shop EARLY rather than later.  It is encouraging now that Margie can go into the stores with me.  Before she would stay in the car while I shopped.  We are so thankful for her improvement.  And we continue to do so.  We had a good day at church yesterday.  I enjoyed preaching the Word.  Our pastor was present, using a walker to get around after his partial knee surgery.  Next week he should be back in full swing again.  Yesterday morning I along with other men were prayed for at the end of the service as being newly chosen to serve on the board.   We are honored to do this and look forward to service.  We pray you all have a wonderful day filled with His blessings.  They all come from Him.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ministry at home

With Margie's long down time at home she has still been able to carry on a ministry by telephoning people around the country for whom she is praying.  She has done this for years but is now more involved because this is something she can do. Those who receive the calls apparently appreciate the prayer concerns Margie expresses to them. This morning Margie mentioned that she wished she could have stayed in bed a little longer. But this is Sunday and we will be going to church in a couple of hours (from the time I write these lines). Our pastor asked me to preach today and I am always delighted to help him when I can. I appreciate those who knew this and are praying for me.  Thank you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Now & then

Yes, there are days that we are not "up to par" on some things.  Yesterday Margie was not functioning the best she would like to.  But she still did the washing, made some special gluten free muffins and we were invited out for lunch.  In reality it was too much for her and we will have to monitor her condition better and not do a repeat performance on this. We are thankful though that last night she slept very well and for this we thank the Lord.  As mentioned on other days, our weather is certainly mild compared to the rest of the country.  We are grateful we can get around.  We pray each of you has a wonderful day.

Friday, February 4, 2011

No complaints

When we see the country deluged with cold weather with all its trimmings, we certainly have no complaints.  As I write this, the temperature is almost 50 degrees.  It is amazing.  Rain, we have, but I have never shoveled it.  And all this helps on our fuel bills also.  We are thankful.  Today a long time friend is treating us to lunch.  We look forward to that.   I sent in my sermon outline this morning to the church secretary.  I am almost ready to preach, although I have always "studied" right up to the moment of delivery.  I do enjoy it and am honored to be asked to help our pastor during his partial knee surgery by filling in on Sunday.  Margie did not have a good night but is right now making some gluten free muffins so she can enjoy them with the latte I make her each noon.  We'll "talk" again tomorrow, Lord willing.  Thanks for praying.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Power outage

Since early this morning, we have been without electricity.  I called the company who had already received a report of the outage.  So from 1 to 8:30 AM we were without that wonderful stuff called electricity.  Fortunately I caught it in time to turn off the laptop.  All's well now and Margie slept well which is always our concern. We have prayer meeting this afternoon and I will continue my studies for Sunday's message.  Thanks for your prayers,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Driving alone

Margie was able to drive herself to the ladies missionary meeting at church.  She enjoyed the fellowship and prayer time very much.  I was busy checking on different ones to include on our church prayer sheet that I will be making up this morning right after I finish this. I also spent some time yesterday and will  today also, on sermon preparation for Sunday.  Margie slept well last night.  It is encouraging to see her "strength level" increase slowly but surely.  For this we thank the Lord. And we thank you for praying.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Monday

Yesterday we went to town for some necessary shopping.  We make quite a few stops before returning home. We are glad Margie feels strong enough for these.  At the beginning I went by myself to shop.  Then as Margie got stronger, she accompanied me but stayed in the car while I shopped at each place.  THEN came the day she said she was going into the store.  What a great day that was.  NOW we both do the shopping, each with part of the grocery list.  So you can see things are getting better and we praise the Lord for that.  We both report a good night last night. Margie wrote our NEW YEAR'S letter and I typed it up last night.  Today, perhaps, Margie will try to add some notes to some we send electronically via e-mail.   It's a beautiful day in Ferndale, the temperature is 28 (COLD) but nothing like other parts of the country.  The sun is shining brightly and we thank the Lord for a warm home and the measure of health He has given us.