Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trip cancellation

Today we were invited to our son's home for a birthday party.  But snow ruled the day and it would be inadvisable to make that trip after church.  It has been postponed until next Saturday instead.  That is the best decision.  But I was highly honored on my 80th with my favorite "menu" prepared by my bride of almost 57 years and many e-mails, birthday cards phone calls and Skype communications.  With no prescription drugs, good health and relatively few pains, I can truly thank the Lord for these years He has given me. To Him belongs all the honor and glory.  My theme of life is:  Every day is a gift from God and we take nothing for granted.  How true.  Do you agree?   Margie had a wonderful night.  Thank you Lord.  Even though there is a "hint" of snow on the roads, we plan, Lord willing, to go down the hill to our church just 1.7 miles away.

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