Monday, February 14, 2011

Paper trail

This title is a pun because the wind is blowing so hard this morning and our paper is "gone with the wind".  They will just give us credit and we'll have to go without the paper today.  I could read it online but it's hard for Margie to do it this way. Yesterday we enjoyed our time at church.  It was communion Sunday and for the first time in my ministry I had the privilege of serving the communion instead officiating as pastor.  The elders right after the morning service at church, went about 5 miles out of town to pray with a man who thought he may not make it to morning.  He had serious surgery and  is very ill.   In the evening there was a business meeting at church which I attended but Margie was not able to go.   This morning, we plan on going into town for some necessary business, if the wind will be kind to us.  It is blowing hard out there.  I have heard the sirens roaring already and even at the end of our street a power truck is parked.  Someone has doubtless lost their power. That's an imminent threat with these high winds.  Margie had a good night.  Thank you Lord.

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