Thursday, February 28, 2013



And Elisha sent a messenger to him, saying,;Go and wash in the Jordan seven times, and your flesh shall be restored to you, and you shall be clean.But Naaman became furious, and went away and said,Indeed, I said to myself, 'He will surely come out to me, and stand and call on the name of the LORD his God, and wave his hand over the place, and heal the leprosy. 2 Kings 5:10-11 

Naaman came seeking a cure, for his leprosy so very vile,
And was furious beyond degree and was instantly very hostile.
Elisha gave him the message, but he wanted to be cured his way,
But at last he followed God's orders and,his leprosy vanished away.
How many times have we argued with God, wanting Him to bless our plan,
And then we finally discovered, that God has the best answer for man. (RP)

It is always a pleasure to report something good about Margie's sleep. She had a very good night.  We are thankful. Yesterday she saw her doctor who ordered more lab work. She was really tired after that trip to Lynden because she slept so poorly the night before. Today we will attend the afternoon prayer meeting at our church.  We appreciate your prayer support

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Same story


But also for this very reason, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue, to virtue knowledge, to knowledge self-control, to self-control perseverance, to perseverance godliness, to godliness brotherly kindness, and to brotherly kindness love. 2 Peter 1:5-7

God's building blocks are perfect and each one contributes much,
And when we ADD them in our lives, we feel the Master's touch,
Please read this verse, and see how well it has for YOU been planned,
Each item given helps us, fulfill our Lord's command.
This long list starts with DILIGENCE and keeps adding precious things,
So build your life completely until your heart with rejoicing sings.(RP)

The same story is our title today.  Margie's sleep problem doesn't change a whole lot.. We were hopeful with new medication suggested by her allergist yesterday.  But it didn't work.  Maybe tonight she will hit on the right combination and it will give her rest. We pray it will.  My brother Harold took us to a restaurant in Bellingham to celebrate my birthday.  It was really nice and such a blessing having him working here in our town .Margie sees the doctor today.  Thanks for praying.   

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Good night


For with God nothing will be impossible.Luke 1:37

We limit God with our unbelief, it surely is not His delight,
I trust we can learn to trust Him more and always do what is right.
Let's learn this lesson, my friend, and naturally ask God for more,
Then, blessings will flow and we'll see what He has in store.
God specializes in the impossible, so launch out and try Him today.
His answer to you will come strong and clear, because you did it His way.(RP)

What a blessing to have a good night for Margie.  She worked hard yesterday. I told her to take it easy, but she cleaned the bathrooms and prepared lunch.  I did the floors.  She continued highlighting with a yellow marker all the edited parts of our Brazil book stories. I was able to clean up about 26 of them (of the 400 pages we have) As you can see I have a long way to go yet..  It is all very enjoyable work, however, so there are no complaints.  My younger brother from Anchorage arrived last night and he is going to take us for a meal tonight to celebrate my "82nd".  It is a rare treat having him in Ferndale, where his company has him doing some very high tech electrical  work.  Thanks so much for praying.

Monday, February 25, 2013

No go!


But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Romans 5:8

You have never heard of such deep love that One would die for you,
But Christ did that for you and me and gave us something new.
God demonstrated on that day how much he really cares,
And now we know first hand, that our burdens He always bears (RP)

Natural sleep medication for Margie usually doesn't last more than 3 nights in a tow.  She tries "tricking" her system by rotating medications.  It works sometimes and at others, no.  Last night it didn't work.  Maybe tonight she will get the right combination.  She just keeps trying. We had a wonderful time yesterday with our family.  They took us to a restaurant to celebrate with us.  It was great and Margie invited them here afterwards for dessert and a visit.  We had a great time.  It is a windy, cold day here in Ferndale and we are glad we can be home.  Thanks for praying. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013



The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart greatly rejoices, And with my song I will praise Him. Psalm 28:7 

Things happen when you trust the Lord; it is thrilling to know what they are,
Our strength and shield He becomes for us, and these blessings will take us far.
He helps us and gently leads us along, as we trust Him day by day,
And rejoicing pours out from my heart, as together we walk this way. 
When we see what God really does for us, our lives give forth with a song,
We cannot be still and soon let others know, and we praise Him all day long.(RP)

We experience the ups and downs of life, don't we?.  We are thankful Margie had one more good night.  They come so seldom that it means much when she has a good sleep. We look forward to our trip to church this morning.  This afternoon our family will be here and we look forward to this.  Margie has done MUCH work on our Brazil book.  She has prayed about a title for it a long time and we have settled on her choice.  We will disclose it later.  I spent hours yesterday going through edited pages transferring the corrections and suggestions to clean copy which will eventually be sent to the publisher.I have probably more than 400 pages to process so my work is cut out for me.  Thanks so much for praying. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Still much to do


 When He had stopped speaking, He said to Simon,Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch But Simon answered and said to Him, Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net.And when they had done this, they caught a great number of fish, and their net was breaking.Luke 5:4-6

Some fishermen know it all, they don't take orders how to fish,
When Jesus gives orders, you get much more than you wish.
It was this way at Galilee, when Simon decided to obey,
They caught many fish, the net almost broke,because they did it His way.
The lesson for us is so simple, my friend: always listen to Him,
Do what He tells you, and your joy will be filled to the brim.(RP)

Yesterday was filled with activity. We had such a good time in our morning Bible class at the Ferndale Senior Activity Center.  The participants help much in teaching the book of Hebrews. In the afternoon I completed 17 more stories for the Brazil book and sent them off to the editor in Texas.  Last night Margie slept well and we are glad.  Today, our son arrives.  Tuesday my brother from Alaska arrives on one of his work assignments here in our town.  How nice is that?   What a coincidence!  Thanks always for your prayer support.

Friday, February 22, 2013



And they heard the sound of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the LORD God among the trees of the garden.Gen 3:8

It's so easy to be hard on Adam and Eve, when they hid from God that day,
But I wonder how many of us are inclined and want to run away.
When there's sin in our lives we are afraid of God, and avoid Him at every turn,
Instead of this we should seek the Lord for this is our major concern.
Ask His forgiveness and you will receive, His bountiful pardon right now,
Then run to Him from where you are and at His feet humbly bow.

We are thankful Margie slept well.  Today we are off to the Senior Center for the Bible class on the book of Hebrews. Today we look again for a full house - all spaces at the table occupied. This afternoon I hope to dedicate to the Brazil book.  We have MUCH work to do with it.  Heavy winds and much rain are predicted for this day so we will bundle up to get to our class.  Thanks dear friends for your prayers.  They are appreciated.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

At last


John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends

There may not be many like this, who would lay down his life for a friend,
But Jesus our Savior did exactly this, which is something I can't comprehend.
Jesus showed his love in a tangible way, the day He died for me,
And I and millions who have received His gift, will thank Him for eternity.(RP)

Finally Margie was able to get a fairly good night's sleep.  We are thankful for those times.  Yesterday I had the privilege of giving a portion of our Israel Power Point Presentation at our Church Senior Luncheon.  There was a good attendance and I enjoyed recounting our blessings of that trip to Israel several years ago.  Today we have  a prayer meeting at our church and we look forward to that 2 pm time.  Any other time available, we will be working on our Brazil book and also preparing for the Bible Class tomorrow. Thanks so much for praying.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Always something


O LORD, You have searched me and known me.You know my sitting down and my rising up;You understand my thought afar off.You comprehend my path and my lying down,And are acquainted with all my ways.Psalms 139:1-3

What can we hide from God my friend, as we travel this road today,
He knows us so well, it's all open to Him, He even knows what we say.
Our thoughts, our bed, our path He knows, and even when we sit or stand,
So how can mortal man think he hides from God, when He really is in command.
I think it best for us to bow and tell God we're glad He will lead,
And just let Him take charge of my life right now and I will be glad indeed. (RP)

Margie did okay until 2 this morning, then she couldn't get back to sleep.  We are still trying to find the solution to her sleep problem. The specialist, allergist and regular doctors have all tried but still her sleeplessness persists.  We appreciate your praying with us about this.  Today I will be showing a Power Point presentation of our trip to Israel several years ago.We are glad there is plenty to keep us busy as octogenarians. Thanks for your prayer support.  

Tuesday, February 19, 2013



And He said to me,;It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts Revelation 21:6 

The One who is everlasting invites the thirsty to drink,
If you're lost and without the Savior I suggest you stop and think
.Jesus died to save the lost and prepare heaven for them when they die,
Receive Jesus the water of life, on Him you can surely rely.
This offer is freely given for each who sees his need,
So invite Him into your life, which is the best deal, guaranteed. (RP)

Margie had a pretty good night.  We have to do some quick shopping in town this morning but will return back home soon. It is cold and windy this morning but the sun is out.  Yesterday Margie started reviewing the edited stories for our Brazil book.  As soon as the obligations of this week are over, I will start cleaning up all those copies, getting them ready for publishing. Thanks for praying. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Family time


Let no one say when he is tempted,I am tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone. But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. James 1:13-14 

Temptations are many and we often blame God, for sending these trials our way,
But we must remember that God does not tempt so don't accuse Him, I say.
Temptations are caused by our own desires, when we allow them to draw us away,
Don’t get caught in this trap, be careful my friend and watch it closely each day.
Stay true to the Lord, trusting only in Him and let Him work His way in your life,
If you do, you'll soon know His delivering power, and how you are freed from this strife.(RP)

We enjoyed having Rawlie and his family for an afternoon visit to our home yesterday. They went back to Standwood and Rawlie is still with us, because today is Presidents Day. Margie didn't do so well at sleeping last night.  She will try something different tonight.  I will be working on my Friday Bible class lesson.  I will also fine tune the Power Point for the presentation on Israel Wednesday at our church.   Thanks, dear friends, for your prayers..

Sunday, February 17, 2013



 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another;as I have loved you, that you also love one another.By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:34-35

The commandment of Jesus to love, is a special one today,
 We are always to love one another and this should be every day.
Jesus loved us and gave us the example of how this should be done,
So do it today and see, that all who obey have won,
 The trademark of believers in Jesus is the fact that they all love,
What a joy to have the assurance of the Father's blessing above.

Rawlie and Monique are here with us yesterday and today.  It is nice they are here.  We are not "bragging" about Margie's sleeping, because last night it worked, but not as well as we desire. Within the hour we are off for Sunday School.   We trust you all have a good day and we will try to do the same.  Thanks so much for praying.

Saturday, February 16, 2013



 Delight yourself also in the Lord,And He shall give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, He shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:4-5

God invites us to delight in Him and walk with Him each day,
When we faithfully follow this path, we know things will be okay
.He gives us what we desire, because His will we obey
And each time we commit and trust,He leads us all the way. (RP)

Margie had another good night.  This is an answer to prayer.  Our day was busy yesterday.  In the  morning we taught the Bible Class at the Ferndale Senior Activity Center. All the chairs were occupied and another table set up.  We continued our work on the Brazil book.  Today we will be doing the same.  We will also be reviewing the Israel message I will give Wednesday at our church luncheon for seniors. Thanks so much for praying.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.James 1:17

Sometime we may wonder what GOOD really is, but in the Word we are told,
God is the giver of every gift, and we should stop often and behold.
His perfect gifts are from above and with Him is no variation or change,
His gift of salvation through Christ is the best, and one whose reward is long-range (RP)

We are hopeful, a little, about Margie's sleeping.  At least she has had 3 good ones and that's a miracle.  We pray it continues as we learn to use several different kinds of sleep medications.  So far it is working.  And speaking of work, Margie has spent multiplied hours reading our journals for story ideas.  It seems we are nearing the end now on that.  I still have to take the editing symbols and clean up all the stories for publishing. This morning we will have Bible class which we look forward to. Thank  you for your prayers. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013



No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing;but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you.John 15:15

In God's Word we are called servants, But here, Jesus adds one more,
To be His friend is better, and this relationship we must not ignore.
Jesus reveals the Father to us, and that's because we are His friends,
And this union is so precious and through Christ it never ends.

Yes, we are so glad Margie was able to sleep well last night.  Yesterday we spent part of the day doing more work on the Brazil book.  Today will be filled with two schedules that take us away from home.  We attend the prayer meeting in the afternoon.  I will also be working on the next hand out lesson for our Bible class tomorrow.  There is never a dull moment and we are glad for that.  Thanks for praying.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013



For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

Oh the Joy to have God's presence, when we meet somewhere to pray,
Prayer for us is like our breathing, we must have it to be okay.
When we gather with our friends, to intercede before His Throne,
Our blessed Lord draws near us, assuring us we are not alone. (RP)

We are happy for success in last night's medication for sleep help for Margie.  It worked! That is always a blessing we don't take for granted. Yesterday I made a quick trip into town to get my driver's license.  While there I did some shopping and visited a friend in the hospital. Margie continued her never-ending task of reading our journals for seed thoughts for Brazil book stories.  I was able to prepare a few more stories to send to the editor.  We think this project is coming to an end.  I really enjoy writing and will miss that part when it's over. Thank you friend, for praying.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



But Jesus looked at them and said, With men it is impossible,but not with God; for with God all things are possible. Mark 10:27

If a person you know needs to be saved, finding life in Jesus our Lord,
Let God do His work in that life, don't abandon him and leave him ignored.
We humans think things are impossible, when God sees them as done,
God's specialty is the impossible, so introduce the lost to His Son.(RP)

Margie has a never ending battle with sleep.  I sleep well so she leaves notes for me when things are not going well.  Again, last night she didn't sleep.  We have consulted specialists, taken suggestions, and pursued all sorts of possibilities trying to help her.  I know she won't give up, and we will keep on trying to find an answer to her sleeplessness. Today will be busy for us, that's normal.  Thanks for praying.  We value your intercession greatly.

Monday, February 11, 2013



 Even to your old age, I am He,And even to gray hairs I will carry you!I have made, and I will bear;Even I will carry, and will deliver you. Isaiah 46:4

For all of us who are seniors, what comfort these words bring today, 
God's care for His own is so precious, and from it He never will sway.
He promises to bear us along, and deliverance is part of His plan,
So don't give up fellow Christian, remember He'll help all He can.(RP)

I wish we had a better report.  The new medication which was the first time for her to use, failed to bring sleep.  So we will go back to plan B and see if it works.  Tomorrow I hope we have better news.  We spent a rather leisurely day yesterday.  I was called to help two people with computer problems in the afternoon.  Today we continue preparing our remaining stories to send to the editor. After that I will be transferring all the editor's corrections to clean copies to send to the publisher. We have MUCH work ahead to accomplish this, but look forward to getting it finished. Thanks so much for your prayers.  

Sunday, February 10, 2013



Beware, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief in departing from the living God;;but exhort one another daily, while it is called Today, lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.Hebrews 3:12-13

Sin is deceitful in many forms, trying to estrange us from God,
Don't minimize its many plots, and go through life slipshod.
Stay close to the Lord, don't depart from Him, allowing sin to detract,
Help fellow Christians with encouragement, keeping them on the right track.
Daily seek what is right for each one and don't let sin harden you,
God will repay you and doubly so if His will you faithfully pursue. (RP)

We both had a good night and look forward to church today. We didn't get a lot done yesterday, but Margie prepared one of her "famous" salads to take to a friend who lost her husband. Margie went with me to deliver it.  We are thankful Margie felt well enough to prepare it. Margie made some calls yesterday which she usually does on Saturday.  We thank you for your prayers for us.    

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Try again


Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD, And whose hope is the LORD. Jeremiah 17:7

Special promises are given to those who trust God, believing in Jesus His Son.
Happiness results from this wonderful choice and many victories will surely be won.
In a hopeless world, filled with grief and sad tales, God calls us to hope in Him,
When this is done and eternal life we possess, life is no longer dim.(RP)

Margie seems to be able to tolerate sleep medication no more than three times in a row.  So our good friend Lonnie, suggested she alternate between the ones that do help her.  Last night this worked well and we are pleased it did. Yesterday's Bible class went well with all chairs occupied and the tables filled.  What a wonderful group of people to study with.  Margie continued reading in the journal for ideas for Brazil book stories.  I "wasted" a lot of time trying to download a special grammar check program that would not complete.  I gave up.  Here to my sheer surprise as I write this, the program started highlighting misspelled words.  That means it works.  Some things I just don't understand.  But I am pleased we are back on schedule with the Brazil stories again.  Thanks to you, dear ones for your faithfulness in prayer.  It is much appreciated

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sorry again


 To Him all the prophets witness that, through His name, whoever believes in Him will receive remission of sins. Acts 10:43

It started long ago in the Book, the prophets spoke of God's Son,
The prophecies of His redeeming work have never been outdone.
The message is the same, and always will be, Jesus saves from sin,
And all who will receive Him as Savior and Lord will always the sin-battle win

Many times it happens this way: Margie takes medication for something and it only "works" about three times.  We are praying that this won't be the case again.  Last night she did not do well.  I suppose she will keep trying anyway.  Please pray she will be able to sleep.  We leave this morning for the Bible class where I am teaching the book of Hebrews. Thanks for praying.

Thursday, February 7, 2013



For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers,nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing,shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.Romans 8:38-39

The devil will fight us tooth and nail, to take this away from us,
Thank God he'll lose, I'm sure of this; there's nothing more to discuss.
Nothing separates us from God's hold, gained when we trusted Him,
Satan can whimper and fight all he wants, but his future is very dim.(RP)

The wind is blowing hard all night and still this morning. Our story seems to be the same these days.  Margie continues reading the journals in search of new ideas for more Brazil book stories.  It was also wash day.  She folded all the clothes after I got them washed.  I don't like her going down the steps into the garage to do that.  I wrote two new stories yesterday.  I also got all our 35 mm slides digitized for the Israel Power Point I am working on.  Now I just have to figure out how to make a LONG presentation into a short one for the day I am supposed to talk about our trip.By the way, Margie had a good night last night and we are so thankful. Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thanks again


Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all sins. Proverbs 10:12

Hate is such an awful thing, it causes so much strife,
It cuts and bruises people's lives, slicing like a knife
But love does just the opposite, it soothes and covers sins,
And he or she who uses it, without a doubt surely wins. (RP)

We thank the Lord that Margie's second night on the new medication gave her great rest.  Yesterday she continued reading in the journals, getting more ideas for me to write stories for our Brazil book. She also attended the ladies missionary meeting at the church in the afternoon.  I got quite a bit of study completed on our Friday Bible class on the book of Hebrews.  I also was able to complete another segment of our Power Point presentation later this month on Israel. We keep busy and are glad of it.  Thanks for praying.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013



In the multitude of words sin is not lacking,But he who restrains his lips is wise.Proverbs 10:19

So many words we speak each day and at times they aren't very wise,
We're prone to let words slip, resulting in a surprise. 
Sin appears in the multitude of words, so let's all be careful and wise,
Restrain your lips from unholy thoughts and be right in our Savior's eyes.(RP

Margie slept well last night as she used a new non prescription sleep aid.  Thank the Lord it gave her a good night.  Our day yesterday was filled with reading journals (Margie) and I working on a Power Point presentation to give later this month of our trip to Israel several years ago. I also ministered to a family who lost their husband and dad.  Maybe for these reasons I did not do as well on sleep as I normally do.  We are looking forward to a full day of work on our Hebrew study for Friday.  We keep busy and are glad we can.  Thanks so much for praying.   

Monday, February 4, 2013



Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

You may be very tired, and loaded down with cares,
Jesus knows all about you, concerned with your affairs.
Accept Jesus' invitation, He wants you to come right now,
Enter His presence with thanksgiving and at His feet humble bow. (RP)

Margie's sleep patterns are a mystery.  Last night she did not get to sleep for a LONG time.  The same medication did well the night before, but not last night.  Yesterday we had a good morning at church and in the afternoon joined our son and his family along with some other friends for lunch at Red Robin.  The rest of the day was peaceful at home where Margie continued scanning our journals for ideas for the Brazil book.  I did some work on my Hebrews class  and that pretty well brought us to the end of the day. We appreciate your faithfulness in prayer. It means much to us. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013



You will keep him in perfect peace,Whose mind is stayed on You,Because he trusts in You.Isaiah 26:3

God's looking for those who will think upon Him
Even when all seems so dismal and dim.
Perfect peace is promised for those who are set,
To honor Him in their heart without a regret. (RP)

We are thanking to the Lord for Margie's good night.  We look forward to attending church and spending time with our family later. Yesterday in our never ending pursuit to finalize our Brazil book, I wrote at least 7 new stories.  Margie continued in her search for ideas, without which, I could not do the writing. We appreciate your faithfulness in praying. Thank you.    

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Not the best but still rejoicing


  "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. Revelation 3:20

Jesus knocks so gently now at our heart's door wanting in,
Fellowship with us he's seeking, refusing Him is sin. 
Open now the door dear Christian, invite the Savior in,
Untold joy will be your lot and great blessings will begin.(RP)

Sleep was not the best last night, but we are rejoicing in what we got. Yesterday was a very busy day and maybe that's why Margie didn't do as well on the sleeping.  After a very busy shopping time (Margie did not go into all the stores-she stayed in the car) we met a dear friend and his family for a wonderful meal at a great restaurant in Bellingham. We were glad to get  home.  Upon arriving after dark at home, we discovered the garbage can had not been picked up. Now it will probably be Monday when they'll come get it. Oh well, that's okay.  Thanks for praying. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Not in vain


But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name.John 1:12

For all lost in sin, an invitation comes, receive Jesus Christ in your life.
He'll forgive your sins and cleanse your life and free you from spiritual strife.
It's a wonderful thing to be a child of God, because we have believed in His name
For all who have done this sincerely by faith, it is certain you'll never be the same.(RP)

Sometimes Margie feels there are "dry runs" as she reads the journals for Brazil book ideas. Yesterday she hit the jackpot and we chose three more stories.  I was enthused about it and wrote one before going to bed and started another.  Today is Bible class and we look forward to that.  Then we have an appointment in the afternoon with a dear family for a visit and meal together.  Our daughter-in-law brought part of her family and another friend who just arrived by airplane, for a visit.  Thank you for praying.