Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good day

We are encouraged by Margie's improvement.  Yesterday she suffered no nausea which is a huge blessing.  She is getting used to making the right amount of the nutritional drink each morning.  She makes just a small portion but enough to contain the vital supplements she needs each day. With the approach of winter, I am concerned about the mold which has accumulated on the edge of the shingles on the roof.  Our neighbor just had his pressure-washed off but to the tune of a lot of money.  I am pursuing a more economical route if possible. I need to get this done before I paint our house.  I will continue today at the Vista house painting. Margie's bill came yesterday for her stay in the hospital those 7 days in July.  We are so thankful for insurance which paid the biggest portion of it.  As far as I know Margie had a good night last night.  I heard her up only once and nothing out of order seemed to take place besides that. We are grateful for each night of rest she can get. Thanks for praying.  We do not take you for granted and appreciate it very much.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


What a blessing we have with so many friends.  Yesterday, one of these dear people brought Margie food prepared especially without gluten - enough for several meals.  Another sent us valuable information about a very reasonably priced blender in which Margie can make her smoothies - for breakfast. We will be pursuing her suggestion today.  Margie is excited about feeling better with this new method of getting her vitamins and essential supplements. She is beginning to pick up her energy level a bit and this is encouraging.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Margie has just started (yesterday) with a trial run on making smoothies.  The reason for this is to get fruit, supplements and other nourishment into her system in a manner which she can tolerate.  Her appetite is very limited and we were concerned.  Yesterday she was doing better already and we are thankful.  Margie was not able to attend church and we really miss this.  We watched a couple of programs on TV.  Our son was here over the week end and we enjoyed his company.  He was in and out, doing work on the home they are selling.
Lord willing, I will be painting some more today, doing the kitchen cupboards in the Vista house.  It is close to our home so Margie and I keep communication lines open via cell phone, and if she needs me, I can be home in a few moments.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another day

Margie was not well enough to attend the memorial service for our dear friend Irby Hicks.  I had a part in the service so was gone for awhile.  Rawlie, our son, is up doing some work on the house they are selling.  Margie still fights the nausea and we pray that the modifications in her diet will help alleviate this discomfort. The doctors have indicated no particular reason why this condition exists, so we are still in the dark about it.  Thank you for praying.  We certainly need God's wisdom as we travel this road.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another try

Margie consulted a nature-path  doctor yesterday with the hopes she could help with nutrition, etc.  She was happy with the counsel given and she will give it a try and see what happens. She experienced periods of nausea during the day and last night also.  We think the papaya fruit which she has eaten for years could have been contaminated with salmonella.  There probably is no way we will ever know if it was that or something else causing this sickness. It was very warm yesterday and the evaporation coolers surely felt good blowing that cool air into the rooms. I put the finishing touches on my part of the Irby Hicks memorial service for today.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Could it be?

Yesterday Margie had another violent attack of nausea.  It was terrible. We didn't know what to do.  We had just been to E.R. prior to this on Tuesday. Should we return?  Well we gave her some medication and she calmed down.  THEN, last night on the radio national news a report of contaminated papaya fruit from Mexico is causing salmonella.  On Margie's fruit diet for breakfast she eats papaya.  She had it yesterday morning. Today's radio report reinforced this announcement.  I went online to check symptoms of this poisoning, and sure enough, Margie has most of them.  Guess where the papaya is today?  Yes, I threw it away.  I feel badly for Margie because it is such an enjoyable fruit and we ate it for years in Brazil.  Of course we are not absolutely sure that is what has been causing Margie's nausea, but it could be.  Please pray.  We will see a doctor this afternoon.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Washed out"

That's pretty much how Margie felt all day yesterday.  After a painful evening at the E. R. the night before with all the medication given her for the various symptoms she was experiencing, she was tired and sleepy.  In the morning she wanted to go ahead with her physical therapy appointment which I had cancelled the night before.  When I called to reschedule, they had not listened to the phone messages yet, so we could have the regular appointment hour.  That was a blessing.  So we went to Lynden for the appointment. The rest of the day she just took it easy, trying not to sleep, for fear she could not sleep at night.  She has decided that some medications have to be dropped.  The nausea continues, but to a lesser degree and she was given another prescription for this which seems to be working better than the previous one.  On and on it goes, with more medication, more trials and still she feels punk.  Please continue to pray she will get some relief.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another trip to E.R.

Yesterday went perfectly normal.  Margie worked, prepared lunch, cleaned bathrooms and was in pretty good shape considering all she's been through.  After a short visit to a friend, on the way home instant severe nausea hit her. Dry heaves assailed her.  At home in her easy lift chair, her legs began to go "restless" and involuntary violent uncontrollable jerks.  She was SO sick.  She finally admitted she needed professional help and I called 911. They took her to St. Joseph's hospital Emergency Room, where I met her shortly thereafter.  With medication, her nausea eventually went away.  Her abdominal pains persisted but they too calmed.  The involuntary leg movements were severe, almost lifting her from the bed.  It was not pretty.  Tests were given and they did discover a urinary infection.  They prescribed medication (which I will get this morning) and hopefully things will "mend".  She had a WONDERFUL night.  We are so grateful.  One of the things her last trip to E.R. determined was that she had to diminish the amount of water consumed.  Incidentally her last trip was 6 weeks to the very night (last night) that she was in the E.R. The doctor told her that she HAD to drink more water. She has always drunk a lot of water but reduced it according the doctor's orders.  Now she must resume that and drink more.  Life is interesting.  We put Margie on the church prayer chain and we know MANY were praying and for this we are grateful.  Margie was released last night and I brought her home. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Much rain

Wow ! It rained a lot yesterday. Margie had a pretty good night for which we are so thankful, escept she got hungry and had to eat something and didn't get to sleep before midnight.  But that's better than nothing or no sleep at all.   Yesterday she started  by attempting to discover which medication is making her have such acute nausea.  By the process of elimination she is trying this.  She may have found the guilty one already.  She had a good day and spent her time partly by doing some cooking.  She will continue that today as she was not satisfied with yesterday's accomplishments. All these things are good signs in her recovery. Thank you for your help in prayer.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wish it were better !

We wish we could bring you a better report.  Yesterday we attended Sunday School at our church.  Margie really didn't tell me before we left, that she was not feeling well.  All day she suffered from nausea and a general let down in her strength level and well being.  We are so sorry to report  such things and pray for answers for her improvement.  She was so encouraged the previous days so yesterday was a let down.  She is going to try to eliminate some of her medications and see if they are causing this.  It is definitely worth the experiment.  As I write this, she is still asleep.  I firmly believe she had a good night but will soon know as she asked me to awaken her at 7:30.   She has goals for today and I admire her for this.  I plan to paint unless I note it better for me to stay here.  Thanks for praying.  You have been so faithful and we appreciate it greatly.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Great memories

Yesterday, our anniversary, we recounted all the blessings of the Lord during our 57 years together.  Margie unfortunately did not feel as well as she did the day before, but we had a great time.  Even though she could not enjoy it with me, because of the gluten, she made me an angel food cake which is my favorite.  Last night she had a good sleep.  For the very first time this summer, we used another evaporation cooler during the night to help keep the temperature down.  Last year at this time we used all three of them trying to moderate the temperature.  They consume gallons of  water but the price of operation is minimal.  Today is Sunday and for the first time since 2010 we are going to attend Sunday School. We are looking forward to this.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

57 Years

Yes, 57 years ago right here in Ferndale, we were married at the First Baptist Church.  In just 3 years we were off to Brazil for 25 years.  Then back here for 18 as pastor of the above church, after which we were called to represent Shepherds Home, where our mentally disabled daughter, Joy has lived all these years. Now we are back here for our "sunset years". Our son Rawlie was born in Brazil and Joy in Peru so you can see we have an international family.  We rejoice in Margie's recent improvements and credit this to a host of friends who faithfully pray for us and our Heavenly Father's gracious care of her. We give the Lord all the honor for our glorious 57 years together, serving Him together in the 3 main ministries He opened for us along the way.  Thank you all for being our friends, supporters and prayer warriors.  We still count on you and thank you very much.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Home today

I am not going to work because I will be taking Margie to an appointment.  And after all, it is fun to have a day off once in a while.  Margie had good night and we pray today will be good also.  Yesterday she did quite a few things around the house while I was away painting.  In the afternoon I spent some time on the Internet seeking better prices for Margie's medication.  My brother(in Alaska) and I speak almost daily and yesterday he told me he was asked to return to work (after retirement).  I know  why.  He is an expert in his field of electricity and they need him back to coordinate a project in the Yukon.  So you see there is still work for those of us who are retired.  Our missionary brother in Singapore is still going strong after 58 years there serving the Lord.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Occupational therapy

Margie had her first session in this therapy yesterday.  It was mostly doing some initial testing to determine what approach they will take in helping her in balance and coordination.  We know this will be a big help to her.  She will have this therapy every other week along with her regular appointments. We had several things to do in town so got those taken care of.  Because our anniversary is "around the corner", we ate at a nice place, to celebrate the occasion.  By the time we got home and put away our groceries, it was getting almost mid-day.  After supper we went to prayer meeting.  We always appreciate being able to attend,  Margie had a good night's rest and her day was pretty good.  It is wonderful to see her improvement increase.  We pray she will continue to gain strength and her nausea will disappear completely.  Thank you for praying.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heartfelt gratitude

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for Margie's improvement. Her strength level is increasing, her nausea subsided a little, and she is able to do more things around the house.  And the best of all, she feels absolutely safe being by herself while I am away.  She still prefers I be here but can cope with it completely when I am away.  This allows me to get away to my painting responsibilities.  Before, she went with me or had someone stay with her, but this is very awkward and it is much preferable to be at home.  Yesterday the team ( a well known family) from our church came and mowed our lawn, weeded the flower bed and even sprayed the wasp nest that was making home behind the rain gutter troughs.Margie had another good night.  Thanks, dear friends, for your prayers which we greatly value.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Same problem

Margie is still having the same problem of nausea.  She has consulted her physician, reduced or stopped some medications and used the famous Chinese treatment of Ginger, but nothing works. Last night during supper she was "attacked" again and I felt so sorry for her spending the evening with that miserable misfortune. Please continue to pray about this.  On the other hand, Margie had a WONDERFUL night for which we are very thankful. Our daughter-in-law is in Ferndale now working with the Realtor on the three offers given for the Conifer home which was on the Open House mode last Saturday.  This is an answer to prayer.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Today's schedule.

Margie had a good night and my plans are to do more painting.  Our daughter-in-law will be coming to Ferndale later to talk to the Realtor concerning the Conifer house which I had the privilege of painting. The Lord is answering prayer concerning its sale and we are thankful. At the Open House on Saturday they had some offers. The sun is shining brightly today and I believe we will have another summer day.  Each day Margie seems to be gaining strength.  We are thrilled the way she has reacted to the new supplements.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Relative good day

Yesterday morning I took our son to the local coffee shop for breakfast.  Our breakfast was real simple (as always).  From there I went to take pictures of the Conifer house that was put on the real estate market yesterday.  It really looks nice.  Margie was stronger and even able to do the ironing today (and most of of the washing yesterday).  We are happy for this progress. She made her customary calls during the day to folks she has a ministry with.  At night she was tired so retired early.  After a glitch in the evening and our prayer time, she went to sleep and had a pretty good night.  We are grateful for each moment of improvement.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another good night

We rejoice in Margie's restful nights of late.  Thanks for praying for her as she works through all this medication and trying to find the root cause of nausea.  Yesterday morning she went with me to the house I am painting and visited with our dear friend as I worked. Rawlie and his family were here for lunch.  Today Rawlie and his son will be putting the finishing touches on the clean up of the home that starts its open house today.  Believe it or not I am taking the day off.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Off to paint

Actually Margie is going with me this morning to our friend's house and visit with her while I paint. I was able to get a large wall painted yesterday afternoon and today will try to get more done.  Our son is here and hopefully the Conifer house will sell during the open house which starts tomorrow. Margie had a good day yesterday and her strength is returning for which we are thankful.  A friend suggested a supplement which may help and it surely does. I had jokingly said that summer was over, but yesterday turned out delightfully warm.  Who knows, maybe more is on the way.  Right now as I look out my office window,  it is foggy we'll see how things turn out today. Thanks for your prayer interest in Margie's health.  We appreciate it.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Never ends

It is a marvelous fact that our work never ends. We rejoice in health good enough to continue.  Margie is feeling better but is still fighting the problem of nausea. She is systematically discontinuing some medications with the hopes she can find the "culprit".  So far we are still in the dark on this one. Yesterday she had physical therapy which always helps her.  Next week she adds a factor to her physical therapy and that is "stabilization".  They want to work with her to get her more stable as she stands walks and moves about. This is encouraging. We checked out another paint job opportunity yesterday and today I will pursue it more.  Our son and family are here as the Conifer house will be put on the market Saturday with an open house.  A lot of  work has gone into it and we pray it will sell easily.  It is a very attractive house. They did their homework and it shows. Thank you all for your prayers,

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some better

Margie had a good day yesterday. She seemed to have more strength for chores around the house.  She prepared lunch and even cleaned part of the bathrooms.  I painted morning and afternoon and then worked more on the bathrooms when I returned home.  I basically finished my painting at the Conifer house so will now concentrate on the Vista house and a friend's house here in Ferndale plus our own.  That will keep me busy, that's for sure.   Margie had a good night for which we are grateful.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not a good night

I felt so sorry for Margie who even with anti nausea medication prescribed yesterday by her doctor, still had a miserable night with dry heaves.  We pray for wisdom to know how to check this.  Our good friends gave her Ginger candy which is about the only thing that checks it a little bit.  Rawlie, our son worked from our home for his company yesterday.  His wife Gina was trying to finish up the painting at the Conifer house so wanted to know if I could help her.  Rawlie stayed with Margie and I painted. When he had to return to Stanwood, we brought Margie to the Conifer house.  So I did get a little done yesterday.  It's hard, however, for Margie to be there too long without a comfortable place to sit.  Hopefully this will all be "history" soon and things can get back to normal.  Thanks for praying about her medication and discovering which one is making her ill.  She has already started the process and we pray she soon will have an answer.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Margie will be calling her doctor today to try to determine which medication is causing nausea. During the night she had another spell of it.  Our friends gave her some ginger to help calm it down and it did help some.  We see her retina specialist this morning.  In the afternoon I really need to get more painting done.  I will not leave Margie alone.  Our son requested to stay home and do his work rather than be in Everett at the office.  He is in Ferndale because of the work they are doing on their houses to get them ready for rent or sale.  He would be here at our house, to be with Margie, so I could go paint in the afternoon.  I am under a pretty tight schedule now because I have another house to paint (interior) and before the summer ends, need to paint ours (exterior).  So I guess the "old man" will be kept busy with these tasks.  Incidentally, we appreciate them because it helps with the medical expenses for Margie. Thanks for praying. I think this will be a full day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Plan for the day

Our plan for this day is to attend church.  We are so grateful Margie is feeling better. She is weak, but we pray that with a nutritional drink we are trying to locate, she will begin to feel stronger. She was able to do a lot of reading yesterday which in itself is a victory, because at other times she was unable to do so.  Our son arrived to work on the rental house so we don't see a lot of him while here, but at least it is refreshing to have him in the area. Our grandson is here also and they work together on projects just like Rawlie and I did when he was younger.  The weather is marvelous.  We waited almost until August to get a touch of summer.  We are hoping it will last.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good weather

When many parts of the country are terribly hot, we have such pleasant weather here.  There are no complaints.
Margie had another good day yesterday.  She was able to get a permanent which she needed and before that went to the lab for another blood test.  They are monitoring her closely because of the seizure medication.  She is still weak and we pray the doctors will be able to help her get stronger. Our church sponsored work team came and mowed our lawn which was much appreciated. Until I can leave Margie alone, safely, I dare not leave her to do these chores.  The last time I mowed the lawn, I came in the house and found her lying on the kitchen floor calling my name.  We trust she will have a good day today and we sincerely thank you for praying.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Not alone

Since Margie's seizures, I have not left her alone.  Because of this, our wonderful church family is coming to mow the lawn today. We are so blessed by wonderful friends.  As I write this, Margie is still sleeping, but asked me to awaken her at 7:30.  I firmly believe that the new medication started last night helped her through the night in a wonderful way.  And the best of all it was not sleep medicine.If I am wrong, I will tell you later when explains to me how her night went.  Margie did several things around the house yesterday, pacing herself so as not to get too tired.  I washed the clothes and she folded many of them.  Today I will iron as times permits.
Yes - Margie did have a good night.  We are so glad.  Thank you Lord for answered prayer.  And thank YOU for praying for us.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

More medication

Margie almost gets overwhelmed with all the medications she is taking.  Today I will make a detailed schedule for her so she can keep track of all of them. Yesterday was a full day for us.  In the morning I took Margie to her physical therapy session, then went to the lab for a blood draw for me.  Because I "fasted" I dropped by McDonalds and got me a cup of oatmeal, then while shopping at Safeway, had a Starbucks.  At home Margie fixed our lunch and we headed for Bellingham and the North Star Medical Specialists to the Sleep Clinic. Dr. Web gave Margie some good options to try to help her sleep.  We stopped on our way home to leave that prescription and went home, had supper and headed back to prayer meeting at our church.  We were pleased with those who attended.  We had missed a couple of weeks or more and were glad to be back.  Margie asked me to awaken her at 8 this morning so I will do that shortly.  She apparently had a good night for which we are thankful.  And as always, we thank you for your prayer support.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Not so good

One must face reality.  Last night Margie's night was "awful".  She had such a hard time getting to sleep.  We pray that if the Lord directs, the Sleep Clinic initial appointment today may bring some answers for her.  We first go to physical therapy then in the afternoon to the clinic.  Thanks for praying about this with us.  I had a slight case of vertigo the last two days and even though I know that high blood pressure gives no warning signs, I was concerned.  I had been told on two occasions that I had high blood pressure when taking tests, etc. The Lord providentially opened an appointment and I had a complete physical yesterday.  I can only thank HIM for the good results.  My blood pressure is absolutely normal and all systems are checking out OK.  And the vertigo is basically history today.  I am thankful.  I want to be in the best of shape to care for Margie and the Lord is answering that prayer.  Thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer for us.  We deeply appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another route

We were surprised yesterday when the gastroenterologist  suggested Margie not have the procedure, take the medication he prescribed and check back with him in a couple of months.  So that's what she will do. I was having a recurrence of the vertigo problem that started years ago but made it through the day OK.  I hope things improve today.  Margie tells me she had a good night but had to get up to eat something.  I told her there's nothing wrong with that because most of like to eat.  She received another medication prescribed to her by the physicians in charge of her case while hospitalized, and we are thankful for health and drug insurance which saved us over 500 dollars on that one prescription. Wow, medicine is expensive, isn't it. Please continue to pray Margie will do OK with all this medication.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Pleasant day

We attended church in the morning, had a bit to eat and in the afternoon dropped by to see the house that our son and daughter-in-law are preparing to put on the market.  It really looks nice.  The best part of all this is that Margie was the one who suggested we go see it. I painted the interior/exterior of this house. She was also determined to go to church in the morning. We are so thankful she felt well enough to do these things. She is still in bed as I write this, but I am quite sure she had a good night.  Today we see another doctor for a future test that is set for November.  That's how busy doctors are.  Thanks for praying.  It means much to us.  People from around the world read this and we appreciate it so much.  Thank you dear Brazilians, for your encouraging notes to us and promises of prayer.  It is very special to us. When we find your emails we will try to respond.