Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Another trip to E.R.

Yesterday went perfectly normal.  Margie worked, prepared lunch, cleaned bathrooms and was in pretty good shape considering all she's been through.  After a short visit to a friend, on the way home instant severe nausea hit her. Dry heaves assailed her.  At home in her easy lift chair, her legs began to go "restless" and involuntary violent uncontrollable jerks.  She was SO sick.  She finally admitted she needed professional help and I called 911. They took her to St. Joseph's hospital Emergency Room, where I met her shortly thereafter.  With medication, her nausea eventually went away.  Her abdominal pains persisted but they too calmed.  The involuntary leg movements were severe, almost lifting her from the bed.  It was not pretty.  Tests were given and they did discover a urinary infection.  They prescribed medication (which I will get this morning) and hopefully things will "mend".  She had a WONDERFUL night.  We are so grateful.  One of the things her last trip to E.R. determined was that she had to diminish the amount of water consumed.  Incidentally her last trip was 6 weeks to the very night (last night) that she was in the E.R. The doctor told her that she HAD to drink more water. She has always drunk a lot of water but reduced it according the doctor's orders.  Now she must resume that and drink more.  Life is interesting.  We put Margie on the church prayer chain and we know MANY were praying and for this we are grateful.  Margie was released last night and I brought her home. 

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