Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not a good night

I felt so sorry for Margie who even with anti nausea medication prescribed yesterday by her doctor, still had a miserable night with dry heaves.  We pray for wisdom to know how to check this.  Our good friends gave her Ginger candy which is about the only thing that checks it a little bit.  Rawlie, our son worked from our home for his company yesterday.  His wife Gina was trying to finish up the painting at the Conifer house so wanted to know if I could help her.  Rawlie stayed with Margie and I painted. When he had to return to Stanwood, we brought Margie to the Conifer house.  So I did get a little done yesterday.  It's hard, however, for Margie to be there too long without a comfortable place to sit.  Hopefully this will all be "history" soon and things can get back to normal.  Thanks for praying about her medication and discovering which one is making her ill.  She has already started the process and we pray she soon will have an answer.

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