Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The day after

Yesterday was a BIG day.  The graveside service for Helen Durkin was in the morning and at 1 pm a memorial service was held at our home church, First Baptist of Ferndale, Washington.  Margie's two siblings were able to attend along with their spouses, and our son Rawlie was here.  The fellowship time after the service provides a special opportunity to visit with many folks we seldom get to see.  It was a long day for both of us and we slept well last night for which we are very thankful.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Helen Durkin Memorial

Today our main ministry is the Helen Durkin Memorial.   We will have the grave side service at 11 am and the Memorial at 1pm.  Helen Durkin lived a long fruitful life of 100 years and over two months.  She was a special friend of Margie's mother and a dear friend to all of us.  Our son, Rawlie took off work to represent his family at the service. Our pastor, Dave Lunsford and I will be officiating the service with several family members participating.  We will give more details in tomorrow's blog. Yesterday was a blessing for me to preach in our home church.  We appreciate your prayers as we take part in these services.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Opportunities to serve

We are grateful for a good night and the opportunity to serve today at First Baptist Church in Ferndale, Wa (our home church).  Unless our pastor has improved, I will be preaching in the morning service today.  He returned from a trip with bronchitis and asked me to preach.  I am happy to fill in for him but will be very content if he is OK and is able to preach.  At any rate I am prepared in case I'm needed. Our son, Rawlie will be arriving this evening to be here to represent his family at the Helen Durkin service tomorrow.  We look forward to his short stay with us. Thank you for praying for my ministry today and tomorrow.  I appreciate it.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Busy Saturday

Thankfully we both had a good rest last night.  Today is filled with much preparation for the graveside service and memorial service Monday.  Our pastor asked me to preach the morning message in our church Sunday  because he has a heavy case of bronchitis.  I am happy to help him but I told him we would pray he would get better and still be able to bring the message. Yesterday I had a graveside service for a friend who had a tragic ending to his life. My prayer was that the 75 guests gathered at the burial plot, would truly listen to the Scripture presented and think seriously about their relationship with the Lord. Thank you all for praying.  We need it.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Busy Schedule

Because it is very difficult for Margie to do some things due to her weakness, she found a beautician nearby who remembered her from years ago when we were counselors at The Firs camp.  What a blessing this is.  I will be doing a graveside service at the same time she is at the shop.  She will be driving to her appointment and this will be the 2nd time she has driven this year.  It is close and she will do OK.  I possibly will be preaching Sunday to help our pastor who has a heavy case of bronchitis.  Monday we have another graveside and memorial service. thanks for praying for these responsibilities..  We appreciate it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Time to heal

Margie's eye doctor said yesterday, as he removed the stitches from her operated eye, that all looks good and now we will wait about a month, and test for new lenses.  That was good news.  She has been so desirous to be able to read.  She is an avid reader and really misses this.  In the meanwhile, please remember me as I help with two graveside services and a memorial service in the next few days.  Thanks for praying.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The amazing northwest

We are thrilled with the weather in our part of the country.  Yesterday we ran the evaporative coolers and we are sure today will be a repeat of yesterday.  With temperatures in the 70's, how could one want anything better?  Hopefully in the next few weeks Margie can start slowly to accompany me on my mile walk each morning. For years we walked each morning before devotions and breakfast in all the 8 states where we represented Shepherds. In other words, we have walked hundreds of miles. As reported yesterday, Margie has the stitches removed from her operated eye this afternoon.  I would appreciate your prayers as I will be involved in two graveside services and one memorial service in the next few days.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Caring for the eyes.

Margie's eyesight has been fragile for quite awhile.  Now with both cataracts removed, we are hoping she will be able to read and use her eyes more. She is encouraged that's for sure.  The many drops per day makes for quite a schedule.  Tomorrow the stitches will be removed.  She looks forward to a month from now when she will have the testing done for glasses.  Thank you for standing with us in prayer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Reduced schedule

We are happy that Margie's doctor appointment schedules have diminished considerably and this week she only goes once to see the eye doctor.  This will be the second post operation check up.  We think he will give a good report because she is doing quite well so far.  It's a beautiful day in Ferndale and the temperature should be in the low 70's today.  I was able to walk a mile this  morning arriving home before 7:15 AM.  Margie had a good night.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A first in a long time

I can't remember a time when Margie and I did not attend church together.  But today, she will stay home because she is not comfortable about attending so soon after her surgery (cataract).  I would have stayed home with her but there are some people I need to see and also leave a card in our church mailboxes.  This afternoon we will view and listen to some TV programs.  One radio program I have listened to since a child, is the Old Fashion Revival Hour. What a blessing it is and the music is superb.  And Rudy Atwood at the piano is a treat.
Thanks for your prayers,  Margie had a good night.  So did I.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

House work

For some time, Margie has been breaking into the normal chores around the house.  I urge her to be very careful  and pace herself.  She does the washing, drying and folding now which is a huge help.  She even did part of the bathroom cleaning,especially the part where she would not have to bend over. After her eye surgery the doctor told her to be careful about that. I finished the two bathrooms, plus the kitchen floor and also ironed.  That chore is still too hard for Margie after her long illness. Margie had a good night and this always makes us rejoice. Yesterday we even had a short visit from our daughter in law, Gina and granddaughter, Monique.  That was special.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day by Day

56 years ago this song was sung at our wedding at First Baptist church of Ferndale, Wa, located 1.5 miles from our house where I write this. the lyrics of this hymn are special to us.  It may be hard to believe but I have a journal of our 56 years years together.  I enjoy writing in it each day. We have so much to thank the Lord for, given Margie's serious illness these past months.  We sincerely thank each of you who are praying.  It means so much to us.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The gift of sight

Yesterday the doctor removed the bandage that covered Margie's cataract surgery.  What a blessing when she was asked to read the letters and she could.  Thank you Lord.  We are in the phase of putting drops several times a day in the operated eye.  Margie cannot do this alone so this is where I come in gladly to help. Thank you for your faithful prayers for Margie.  She and I appreciate it so very much.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Answered prayer

Margie had cataract surgery yesterday and all went well. Of course we will know today when she goes to have the bandage removed and the eye checked.  We are confident Dr. Kaiser will give a good report. Margie spent a quiet restful day at home yesterday and will do the same today.  We see the doctor at 1:05 at his office in Bellingham, WA.   We will tell you tomorrow his evaluation of the operated left eye.  Thanks so much for praying.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is the day

We leave in about an hour for Bellingham, WA (7 miles away) for an 8:45 AM check in and preparation for 10:00 AM cataract surgery.  Dr. Kaiser does 3 each Tuesday.  Margie had her right eye operated on over 3 months ago and today is the left eye.  We commit her, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist unto the Lord for HIS direction. We deeply appreciate those who are praying. We will inform you in tomorrow's blog how things went today.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Cataract surgery August 17

Please pray for Margie's surgery tomorrow.  We are to be at the surgery center at 8:45 for a 10 AM surgery. We have requested the same anesthesiologist for her surgery.  He was very good and we are happy he will be there. Margie slept well last night.  We are putting drops in her eyes 5 times a day.  I will continue with the Shepherds work today. Tomorrow I will be more involved with the surgery process so want to get more done today.  By faith, I have purchased our tickets for our trip to Wisconsin (Shepherds) the end of the year.  Also we secured a rental car and a park and fly motel in the Seattle area. So we are pretty well set for that event.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The joy of Church attendance

When Margie's physical condition deteriorated many months ago, we were not able to attend church at all. I could not leave her by herself so we both stayed home. For 5 months we only left the house for medical reasons.  Granted there are several very wonderful programs we could view and listen to and we thoroughly enjoyed them.  But nothing can take the place of participation in ones own church service.  Here in Ferndale, WA there is not a cloud in the sky today. The temperature will probably be around 90 degrees.  Our evaporative coolers keep us very comfortable and besides a small amount of electricity to run them, they only require WATER.   We put gallons of water in them each day.  The hotter it gets, the more thirsty they get.   But it is worth it all. Please remember we are in the countdown now for Margie's cataract surgery at 10 AM Tuesday morning.  We thank you for praying for this.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Countdown to cataract surgery

Friday started the countdown because the doctor ordered special drops to be put in Margie's left eye 4 times a day.  Surgery will be at 10 AM Tuesday the 17th.  After that another series of drops will be prescribed and that will last for a long time.  We often wonder how people do this who are not able to put drops in their own eyes.  In fact Margie has trouble with this so I have always done it for her. She takes another drop in her eyes for the macular degeneration problem.  This is ongoing and never stops, except for a few days before and after surgery in her left eye.  We would appreciate your prayer for this surgery.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A strenuous day for Margie

Yesterday, we were gone 9 hours in order for Margie to have the last set of allergy tests done.  Many years ago we started this way and in between, she had various tests.  But with her failing health, it was obvious she should get a wider range of testing again.  Those sessions drain one physically, so that coupled with the 200 mile round trip left her pretty well tired out.   She had a very good rest last night, thankfully.  Today should be calmer and she is happy about that.  We are experiencing warmer weather so the evaporative coolers keep us very comfortable.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On the road again

Today we are on the road to Redmond, WA, and Microsoft country.  Margie is having the last of her allergy testing done here. Some set backs recently led us to have her retested.  We are glad we did as they discovered a recurrence of some of the same things to which she was allergic and with some added ones also. After today we will be able to give a better report.  We do know already that she is allergic to gluten.  She self diagnosed several months ago but this is the proof positive now.  We'll bring you an update tomorrow about today's trip.  Thanks so much for praying.  We deeply appreciate it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It sounds like a broken record

How many times have we spoken about dental appointments.   Yesterday Margie had her first "installment" of the root canal treatment.  It is a relief to have it done just before her cataract surgery.  The second part will be done after surgery.  I go today for the conclusion of my root canal treatment.  Today Margie has two pre-op interviews in preparation for her surgery.  Then she'll wait in the car or dental office while my root canal treatment is in process.   On and on it goes.  There is much activity around here and there never seems to be a dull moment.  We thank you for your prayers.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Answer to prayer

The Bellingham Endodontics yesterday glady gave Margie my appointment for a root canal to Margie and rescheduled me for the next day. So at noon today we will be in their office for Margie to have her work done in preparation for the cataract surgery the next week. We thank you for praying for this.  A very intersting thing happened yesterday which astounds us.  We apparently left a couple of items at the check out counter at the Bellingham, WA Fred Meyer store yesterday.  I called and using the receipt, the kind lady directed us to the cashier at stand # 10.  When I told him my dilemma, he immediately spoke up and said the two items where in the sack with the pretzels.  We had just put that sack away in the cupboard and never thought to look in the bottom of it.  But how did Joshua, a young man who checks out scores of people each hour remember the exact sack in which he put those things.  Boy he's got quite a recall memory to say the least.  We are grateful for his kind help.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Countdown for cataract surgery

This countdown can get complicated as I have suggested previously.  In a few minutes we will be in contact with the dentists to see if there is a possibility of Margie getting her root canal treated BEFORE surgery August 17. We have waited 3 months for it and would really like to be on schedule but the tooth problem may change all that. Please pray.  I will update you tomorrow about this episode. We had good nights last night and we are always thankful for that.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

More of yesterday's request

Last night I suddenly realized that if the specialist agrees, Margie can have my time slot on August 10.  I was to have the root canal process finished that day.  But if Margie can't get hers done before her cataract surgery on the 17th, she may have to delay eye surgery.  As it is we have waited 3 months for this date.  Please pray that our regular dentist who left a phone message with the specialist, follow up Monday and we can get some satisfaction to this scheduling challenge. We are aware that in the final analysis, it is the Lord who directs these things, so we confidently leave the details with Him. Thank you for praying.  We both had a good night's sleep.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Prayer request

Yesterday Margie had to call our dentist and see if he could look at a tooth that is starting to give her problems. He worked her in and concluded she needs a root canal.  He refers her to the same dentist that is doing mine. The critical part of this is the cataract surgery August 17. IF she can get an appointment with the dentist she may be able to have it done before the cataract surgery.  Otherwise we don't know what her eye doctor will suggest if she can't get the root canal done before the 17th.  Please pray it will all work out.  We have waited a long time for this eye surgery and would love to be able to go through with it.  But we MUST leave it ALL with the Lord for His direction.  Thanks for praying with us about this.   We appreciate it. And we both slept very well last night. What a blessing.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Drop that medication

Margie dropped one of her medications (non prescription) last night and REALLY had a good sleep. She had suspicions about it and leaving it out surely did help her.  I went off pain medication and antibiotics also.  The former I gave up because I didn't want any more ibuprofen in my system.  The latter, because I had taken the full dosage and the pills ran out.  Now we see what the day brings forth for us.  Margie will be experimenting with a new beautician today. You remember that she had a very negative experience last time due to all the medications, tests, etc, and the outcome was not good at all. We are hoping today goes better.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lab work

This morning Margie goes to a local lab to have some blood work done. This is part of her regular yearly checkup by her family physician.  We are glad for such attention by a very fine lady, Margie's Christian doctor.
I voluntarily went off the pain medication yesterday given me for the root canal process through which I am going. Now, my body is feeling the pain of the fall I had last week.  It had been covered up with that medication.
But we both are thankful for a good night's rest last night.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Physical Therapy

This morning we leave for Lynden, WA, 30 miles away.  Margie will be doing another session of P.T. with a fine Christian therapist. I will do some shopping while she is at therapy.  We have two brief visits to make then pick up medication at the drug store in Ferndale and return home.  Margie, thankfully slept well last night. I am going to go off the pain medication for my tooth today but continue with the antibiotics to get all that abscess cleared out.  Tonight is prayer meeting and we look forward to that.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things are calmer now

This tooth episode I had has thankfully calmed down now. Yesterday the specialist worked me into his schedule and he got the first phase done on the root canal.  Boy, it feels better. I am still on antibiotics because the abscess was advanced and it all happened so quickly.   Margie kept herself busy doing some needed cleaning as her strength allowed. She paces herself and it works well.  We had warm weather so the evaporative coolers certainly did feel good here in the house.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Can't get off the subject

I just called the Endodontics office and they are trying to work me into their schedule today. So at this writing I am "on hold"- waiting word from them.  The specialist actually called me twice from his week end away from the office, telling me he would instruct the receptionist to work me in today as my case was urgent. We really appreciate this.  My face is swollen and I don't know if he can do the root canal. Margie didn't sleep well and we are sorry about that.  I did, thanks to medication.
Latest Update:  Received word that they will take me at 2 PM.  They are only going to "open" the offending tooth, and I presume put a temporary cap on it then see me at my regular scheduled appointment Aug 10

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Review of yesterday

As we left you yesterday, I was on the way to the emergency room. I discovered an important thing about the ER.  Not all of them treat dental problems. The first one I visited told me this. I was in contact with our family dentist and also the specialist and they recommended I check into the ER at the local hospital. That was a blessing. I got there at a time when there was no one there.  My jaw was already substantially swollen and I needed help.  The P A (Physician's Assistant) quickly applied a Novocaine-like substance around the base of the "guilty" tooth, and handed me a prescription for medication which I am taking at 6 & 8 hour intervals.  Thankfully I had a VERY GOOD night.  Margie did too. We praise the Lord for this.  I pray my swelling will subside today and I can get back to normal soon.  We are not able to attend church today.  We will have to take the second best - radio and TV messages.