Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I am hoping to start painting the exterior of a home here in Ferndale.  Yesterday I painted two small work shifts in the Vista house.  We have to work our way around the rain in this part of the country.  Right now it is bright sunshine and hopefully it will cooperate with us for that job. Margie was able to get several things done around the house yesterday, plus some food preparing.  Our son was here for the last day of 11 he has spent here with us.  Of course his company's laptop computer consumed most of his time because he was working for them from our home here in Ferndale. At other times he was working on the rental house which I hope to start painting today.  Even though Margie is not up yet, I have reason to believe she had a good night.  Thanks so much for praying for her.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

We honor the service men and women who gave their lives for our freedom.  And all the service people serving now,we salute.  Yesterday was a delightful day in the house of the Lord.  Our son and grandson dropped for lunch at our place.  Nathan went back to Stanwood late in the afternoon.  Rawlie is here with us.  Gina may be back up today.  I will not have the discipleship class this afternoon.  I decided to give the student a "break" and he appreciated it.  Margie had a comfortable day yesterday and I believe she did OK during the night also.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lord's Day

Every day is the Lord's day but we rejoice in being able to attend the service today in our church.  Yesterday I worked on my discipleship lesson some more, and also tried to find a special graphic for our son's business. I was unsuccessful so will make one myself using our photo editing software. Margie and I went to a friend's house to assemble a set of patio chairs she purchased and needed help. Margie just sat and visited while I helped the lady put them together.  I am so glad when Margie can accompany me to do these errands of service to others. We were glad to do it. The weather turned good in afternoon so I mowed the lawn.  Margie's energy level is still not at to the point she desires, but she is grateful for each day she is able to at least do some things.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Here it is the end of the week already.  How time flies.  We all had a pretty good day yesterday. Our granddaughter got sick.  They were up to work on the Vista house so I decided not to go over there and paint.  We are always careful about Margie's immune system.  I decided to work out in our storage shed and was able to separate a good number of things for a future garage sale someday.  Margie was able to get the washing done.  I helped her fold some things.  Fitted sheets are my "specialty".  She was pretty tired by mid afternoon so I finished ironing some of the harder things.  Margie had a good night.  We are ready, we hope, for whatever this day brings us.   

Friday, May 27, 2011


Lately we have been intrigued by what we believe is a domesticated rabbit which comes into our yard "for breakfast" from time to time.  It is a beautiful animal.  Surely it must belong to one of the neighbors and is released to get its own food.  We are amused when the birds and the rabbit seem to taunt one another.   Yesterday Margie was able to do some minor cooking in the kitchen to have some food on hand for Rawlie and his family who were here for supper last night. Rawlie and Nathan also had lunch here.  Rawlie enjoys my lattes so I make them for him while he is working at his laptop for his company.  He got permission to work from home so he could be in Ferndale where the rental houses are and sort of supervise Nathan's work on them.  I also painted at one of these homes and will continue today also.  It is raining cats and dogs.  That's the price of greenery in Washington.  Margie is still asleep but I am quite sure she had a good night last night.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Full day

Yesterday morning I took Margie to her physical exercise session in Lynden.  I shopped while she was doing that. We went into Bellingham and did more shopping there.  We even stopped and had a "meal" at Wendy's.  We pay the senior rate and for both of us it is $4.32.  Not bad for a meal for two. We stopped at a grocery store in Ferndale and finished off the day's shopping spree.  Before going home, we purchased a nice roasted chicken and took it to one of our dear friends who just had surgery. She and her husband appreciated that.  Last night the combined prayer groups met and finished off our day.  Margie is still sleeping as I write this but I believe she had a good night.  There is nothing to indicate otherwise.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This morning we take Margie to Lynden, WA for an hour session of physical therapy.  This does her MUCH good and we are thankful the insurance plan underwrites it.  It does have a stopping point, however, and it is coming to an end now.  She goes every other week instead of weekly.  I didn't know it when I wrote the blog yesterday, that Margie did NOT have a good night Monday.  Thankfully last night she rested well.  Yesterday I painted at the Vista house and got most of the undercoating done on all the kitchen cupboards.  Rawlie is here working for his company from our home on his laptop computer.  I just made him a latte which he loves.  Our grandson is also up here working on a rental home and he likes his granddad's lattes also.  So I am in the business these days as a "barrista".  I enjoy it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We cannot help but compare life today with what we had on the mission field.years ago.  Letters would take sometime weeks to reach us.  In the Amazon we would have to travel many hours round trip just to get the letters.  Now with email it is amazing how much time is saved.  I help prepare the church prayer sheet each week and it is quite wonderful to receive requests from the mission field and elsewhere so quickly.  Yesterday I prepared the vista home kitchen cupboards for painting. Today I hope to work on that some more and at least get them undercoated.. Please pray for wisdom as we endeavor to try to get help for Margie. Her knee caps, according to the specialist are worn out and unfortunately there is nothing he can do for them.  Now it is extremely difficult for her to rise from a sitting position.  I need to come up with a solution.  I am hoping the orthopedic surgeon can get some help for us on a lift chair.  Our children have already given us money to buy a cushion like individual lift which can be placed from chair to chair, wherever she sits.  I also have to discover help for her getting out of bed.  She is prone to fall and I must figure out something for that problem.  Thank you for praying.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Different schedule

Rawlie, our son, is working from our home this week. So he's on the computer now as I write this. He requested this so he could be up here and work some on the rental home during off work hours.  It was nice having him and his son Nathan and Nathan's cousin, Jonathan here for awhile yesterday also. I will be leaving shortly to go paint at the Vista house, trying to get the kitchen cupboards painted.  I "think" Margie had a good night.  She's still sleeping as I write this.  This afternoon I have a discipleship lesson with a young man from out church as we study together "God's will".  It is a rich study and practical. We trust you all have a great day. Thanks for praying for Margie.  She appreciates it very much.  She is improving and we give thanks to the Lord for each day of strength given her.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Starting a new week

What a great way to start the week by attending church services.  We look forward to that this morning.  Margie had a good night.  Yesterday was a busy day again as I went through most of the things in the garage we had stored in boxes, sorting out things for the garage sale.  Marge did the same inside the house. In fact she has been doing it for several days.  we should have quite a collection for the big day when we announce the sale.  Our son and grandson are here working on the rental house and the Harder homestead.  Right now we are waiting for Nathan and his cousin Jonathan to come by for breakfast.  They will have me make them lattes which they do enjoy. Jonathan however is a professional barrista so I don't know what his reaction will be to it.  Yes, it is raining this morning.  That's what makes everything so beautiful around here.  Trust you all have a good day.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21

We never cease to amaze at how biblical "scholars" can interpret Scriptures to their own liking and come up with something Jesus Himself said is not possible.  It's true that Jesus may come today but it won't be because Harold Camping said He would.  We will wait and see.  Yesterday was a full day as Margie did all the washing, drying, folding and ironing of the clothes.  I had a pre-op appointment concerning my upcoming scope tests in July.  Our son arrived and grandson (whose birthday was yesterday also).Later we went to the hospital to visit a friend who had surgery and have prayer with her.  So, as you can see, there is never a dull moment and we prefer it that way.  It's raining today.  I'm glad I mowed the lawn yesterday also.  Yes, I worked it in to the schedule.

Friday, May 20, 2011

My turn

This morning I have my preliminary consultation concerning two "scope" tests which will be scheduled later. These are routine and follow up tests which began several years ago. I have no symptoms and pray the tests will show no further complications. I'll explain all after the upcoming tests. I must get the lawn mowed today because tomorrow I think the rain returns.  Margie is still asleep as I write this.  I am almost sure she had a good night.  Our son arrives today to begin work on their rental houses which require plenty of attention.  Those are the ones I also am painting.   There is plenty to do and I am grateful for their hiring this old man to do some of the work. I am also glad I like to do it and feel well to do it. The Lord is good and we praise Him.   Thank you all for praying.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two days in a row

It doesn't get better than this. Two days of beautiful sunshine.  Yesterday was filled with much activity.  Margie continued her sorting crusade through the house, separating things to dispose of.  And we have plenty to dispose of, that's for sure.  In the morning and afternoon I painted some more.  In the evening we had prayer meeting which was an enjoyable time. Margie is feeling better and trying to pace herself so she doesn't get too tired.  To help control pain, she uses the TENS machine daily which is a BIG help. Yes, you may email us by clicking here and follow instructions:  http://scr.im/rteme

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brush off

I will be going to the Vista house to do some painting of kitchen cupboards today.  Yesterday was a busy day.  Margie continued going through closets, and other areas of our house sorting through things to dispose of in a garage sale someday.  In the meantime, where will be store the stuff that we want to sell.  The garage is full and our family room is getting that way quickly.  We can't store it in the 5th wheel trailer because last week we sold it and the truck.  They will sit here in our yard for some time yet, but we don't want to store things in them.  Margie  & I also went over to a freind's house to try to help her get the snow plow running and out of the way so she could mow the lawn. The battery is probably "shot" so will have to be checked by an expert.  Margie had a good night and we rejoice.  Thanks for praying.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yes, we are pleased with the bright sunshine.  It is a beautiful day.  Yesterday Margie sorted through many things setting aside more items for a garage sale.  I did some painting yesterday also and today will be working at home trying to settle on the proper web hosting and domain name as we seek to scale back and economize. As I have said often, there is never a dull moment.  As I write, Margie is still asleep but I believe she had a good night.

Monday, May 16, 2011

A new week

Yes the week started yesterday and how nice it was to be in church.  Our son dropped by on his way home in the afternoon and always enjoys his dad's latte which he labels "pr'a valer" in Portuguese.  In the afternoon on Sunday we customarily listen and watch recorded sermons on the TV and in the later afternoon, Charles Fuller's Old Fashion Revival Hour.  They still replay these grand programs of over 50 years ago.  And we are sure people are getting saved.  It is great.  Today it is raining but the weatherman promises better weather ahead.  Yesterday I Skyped Anchorage Alaska and Singapore and had good visits.  My brothers live in these places. This free communication tool may soon be over because Skype was sold to Microsoft for a big sum of money last week.  We are pretty sure Margie had a good night although as I write this she hasn't "appeared" yet.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

His day

Even though our Lord owns them all, this is His day and we are so thankful Margie feels well enough to attend church today.   Yesterday she felt well enough to make a visit to a dear friend who just had hip surgery.  She is doing well and we are happy for her after all the pain she suffered waiting for that surgery.  Our son and family were working on one of their rental homes so we dropped by to take a look at the house they want me to paint on the outside.  The rain forecast for today has arrived but what's new in Washington.  It is the price of greenery is always my answer.  Trust you all have a great day. Margie is not awake yet so I really don't know what kind of a night she had.  I am praying all went well.  If otherwise, I will advise via this column.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


After painting in the morning, I spent the rest of the day sorting through a lot of stuff getting it ready for a garage sale.  I don't know when that will happen but we will have plenty of things to offer. Margie did all the washing, drying, folding and ironing of the clothes yesterday.  She was feeling better after her bout with insomnia.  Our son will be arriving today to work on some projects related to his wife's homestead.  Margie and I may visit some today if Margie feels up to it.  We are ready for the day and look forward also to the church service tomorrow.

Friday, May 13, 2011


There was a technical problem with our Blogger this morning so only now at noon I am getting our daily "word" on it.   Margie thankfully had a wonderful night.  Her insomnia was apparently due to lack of allergy medication which was delayed in arriving.  As soon as she restarted it, she slept OK.  Thank you Lord.   I went alone to prayer meeting yesterday afternoon.  It was the first time Margie was not able to accompany me.  I don't like it that way and hope it doesn't happen again.  Today I did a little painting and now this afternoon will arrange the huge stack of "garage sale" items (if I can).  Oh the "junk" one accumulates through the years is amazing.  We don't want to wish this on our family after we are gone.  We are trying to get it settled now.  Our son and his family arrive today and tomorrow.  It will be nice to see them again.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tough night

Just at bedtime, I heard Margie scream.  I rushed into the bathroom and could not even get in the door. She had fallen on the floor.  She said she had a dizzy spell and could not maintain her equilibrium, and fell.  I was finally able to get her up.  She DID NOT have a good night.  From 2 a.m. she was not able to sleep.  Please pray that her sleep pattern will improve and be like it has been for some time.  She ordered more of the special allergy drops that her doctor compounds for her particular allergies.  They have not arrived and Margie believes it is because of that she is not sleeping.  At any rate we appreciate your prayers for her continued sagas of health.  I was able to mow the lawn and trim yesterday.  Today it is raining, so I chose the right day.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paper work

Even in old age, it seems there are endless stacks of paper work to handle.  And to complicate this already full schedule of duties, yesterday our cell phone carrier charged our bank twice for a month's service.  Then things got worse when Margie's cell phone went "dead" - saying she needed to recharge her card.  Well it was not so and that's why I did a lot of phone work. I spent about an hour getting that settled.  And as we are sure you probably know, the folks who answer the phones are not living in America.  We have to strain at times to understand their words.  Oh well, that's cared for now and today I have more paper work, paying bills and then the most urgent task is to mow the lawn.  You can never put it "on hold" because at 50 degree F., grass grows.  Margie finally had a better night.  Several have not been so good and we have been concerned.  Thankfully last night she did well.  Yes, you can email us using this method. It is interesting, just click this http://scr.im/rteme

Monday, May 9, 2011

What next?

Our days are filled it seems with endless things to do.  We are glad about this.  It is better than the other alternative.  I will be pursuing more employment opportunities today plus the one I already have. Margie had a good night and we trust to have a good day.  Our son and daughter-in-law treated us to a wonderful time at a Greek restaurant in Bellingham for Mother's Day.  What a great time we had with them and the grandchildren.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

We honor mothers today.  For some of us our mothers have been in heaven quite a few years.  But our spouse, and other relatives and friends deserve special recognition on this day.  I praise the Lord for my wife, who gave us our two children, Rawlie and Joy.  Our son will treat us to a meal in a  fine restaurant today after our church service. We look forward to this.  And we pray each of you has a wonderful day too and all you MOTHERS, please know you are loved and respected and honored this day (and always).
A new way to send an email note if you desire:http://scr.im/rteme.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Too wet

Yes, it's too wet to mow the lawn today.  But it is growing fast and I need to get it done.  Yesterday I painted some and Margie did all the washing and ironing.  I was able to get in time to vacuum the house. So life goes on and there is never a dull moment. Today our family arrives to continue work on the Vista house (the one I am painting).  Rawlie has great plans for us for Mother's Day also which is always nice.  Margie had a good night and is now making her customary Saturday phone calls as she reaches out to friends around the country. And with the cell phone, the price is certainly right.  We are thankful. A new way to send email -click here and follow directions: http://scr.im/rteme

Friday, May 6, 2011

Can you believe it's Friday?

Wow, the weeks passes quickly.  We had a good day yesterday.  The afternoon prayer meeting went well.
I worked on several projects in my office and Margie kept busy as well.  Today I will be painting.  Early this morning I  got the garbage and recycle material out to the curb.  It is raining (what's new).  Margie had a good night and so did I.  The country is pretty well gearing up for Mother's Day.  Our family even has plans which we will disclose later.  Trust you all have a good day. (e-mail us: http://scr.im/rteme)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not surprised

It's raining. We are not surprised. This is WASHINGTON.  Some have trouble with dark days and rain. We  never had time to be concerned about it.  Margie had a good night.  We have afternoon prayer meeting today and then for the summer it will combine with the Wednesday night group and I will lead it. Our dear friend George left this morning by ambulance (because he needs a constant supply of oxygen) and will get the Amtrak in Seattle for L.A.  His two sons will accompany him.  We surely miss him.  He has been a great encourager to all. He will be living with one of his sons in Riverside.  When we were doing Shepherds ministry, we had the opportunity to visit his wife, Masako, who died shortly afterward, in the same home where George will be in a few days.  What a special couple.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The sun is shining

Warm days are not frequent these days around here.  Today is amazing. It is beautiful!  Margie goes to physical therapy this morning.  Yesterday she went to the ladies missionary meeting at our church.  She hasn't been able to go often so that was a blessing for her to be there.  I was busy yesterday afternoon and evening getting all the prayer requests from our church family and the missionaries to put in the prayer sheet .  I also did some painting yesterday.  Margie had a good night and is ready for today.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Missionary meeting

Thankfully, Margie is looking forward to the ladies missionary meeting today.  She and I worked a lot in our 5th wheel trailer yesterday.  Margie has trouble getting up the stairs but she climbed it several times.  It was raining a lot and the heater in the trailer really felt good. We got the main part under control and I still have to vacuum the storage areas under the trailer and we will try to get it advertised for sale. Yesterday we visited a dear friend who this morning will have  hip surgery. We wanted to have prayer with her.  Please pray for Joyce.  We appreciate it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

5th wheel

Today is the day when hopefully we can get the finishing touches done on our 5th wheel trailer so we can put it on the market and sell it.  It has been the best one we have  owned.  It served us well and we would keep it but we know we will never be able to use it as before, and we have no desire to have a trailer just to travel.  We would want it for ministry- that's all.   Would you pray with us that the right buyer would find it?  We appreciate it. Margie had a good night.  We are ready for the activities of this day.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special day

It's unusually bright and cheery outside today.  We've had much rain.  Today is marvelous.  It's the Lord's day (as all of them are).  Margie slept well.  Our son Rawlie was here and we had breakfast together.  We will be going down to church in an hour and we look forward to that.  As mentioned yesterday, we visited our dear friend for the last time because his sons are driving him in a motor home to their home in Riverside on Tuesday.  George has been a tremendous encourager to all.  We will miss him greatly and he doubtless has not many days left on his earthly pilgrimage.  Please pray for their trip Tuesday.