Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We cannot help but compare life today with what we had on the mission field.years ago.  Letters would take sometime weeks to reach us.  In the Amazon we would have to travel many hours round trip just to get the letters.  Now with email it is amazing how much time is saved.  I help prepare the church prayer sheet each week and it is quite wonderful to receive requests from the mission field and elsewhere so quickly.  Yesterday I prepared the vista home kitchen cupboards for painting. Today I hope to work on that some more and at least get them undercoated.. Please pray for wisdom as we endeavor to try to get help for Margie. Her knee caps, according to the specialist are worn out and unfortunately there is nothing he can do for them.  Now it is extremely difficult for her to rise from a sitting position.  I need to come up with a solution.  I am hoping the orthopedic surgeon can get some help for us on a lift chair.  Our children have already given us money to buy a cushion like individual lift which can be placed from chair to chair, wherever she sits.  I also have to discover help for her getting out of bed.  She is prone to fall and I must figure out something for that problem.  Thank you for praying.

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