Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This morning we take Margie to Lynden, WA for an hour session of physical therapy.  This does her MUCH good and we are thankful the insurance plan underwrites it.  It does have a stopping point, however, and it is coming to an end now.  She goes every other week instead of weekly.  I didn't know it when I wrote the blog yesterday, that Margie did NOT have a good night Monday.  Thankfully last night she rested well.  Yesterday I painted at the Vista house and got most of the undercoating done on all the kitchen cupboards.  Rawlie is here working for his company from our home on his laptop computer.  I just made him a latte which he loves.  Our grandson is also up here working on a rental home and he likes his granddad's lattes also.  So I am in the business these days as a "barrista".  I enjoy it.

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