Monday, May 16, 2011

A new week

Yes the week started yesterday and how nice it was to be in church.  Our son dropped by on his way home in the afternoon and always enjoys his dad's latte which he labels "pr'a valer" in Portuguese.  In the afternoon on Sunday we customarily listen and watch recorded sermons on the TV and in the later afternoon, Charles Fuller's Old Fashion Revival Hour.  They still replay these grand programs of over 50 years ago.  And we are sure people are getting saved.  It is great.  Today it is raining but the weatherman promises better weather ahead.  Yesterday I Skyped Anchorage Alaska and Singapore and had good visits.  My brothers live in these places. This free communication tool may soon be over because Skype was sold to Microsoft for a big sum of money last week.  We are pretty sure Margie had a good night although as I write this she hasn't "appeared" yet.

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