Thursday, June 30, 2011

May not work

Yesterday the Assist Lift seat arrived but It may not work for Margie.  It is supposed to "help" one get from the seated position to the upright.  Margie's knees are in such bad shape that she may not be able to use it.  We hope she will, because it would be such a help at church and any other place.  It is portable, therefor very practical.  Margie had another physical therapy session yesterday afternoon.  In the evening we attended the
prayer meeting at our church. We also learned that the memorial service for our dear friend,  George Fujimoto will be July 9th at 4 PM at our church.  Thanks freinds for praying.  Please pray that with practice Margie will be able to use the Assist Lift.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I missed it

Yesterday morning I reported that Margie had a good night.  Little did I know, I was wrong.  She even called me when having a choking spell but her voice was too weak for me to hear.  I pray this doesn't happen again.
Yesterday was a "delivery day".  In afternoon the support security bar I ordered came by UPS to our front door and before 5 the beautiful lift chair was installed in our family room.  Already Margie is learning to use it and it makes her getting up out of the chair so much easier.  We are indeed grateful for this. We expect one more delivery today - a lift seat which is portable and we can take it anywhere and it will help Margie out of whatever chair she is in. I hope to get some more painting done today but before I leave home I want to make sure Margie is OK.  Right now she is still sleeping.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to work

Depending on Margie's situation, I will return to painting this morning. Yesterday we had a busy day as we did several imporatant errands in Bellingham.  Margie saw her rheumatologist and he reduced her medication.  This was his plan before but temporarily had to increase the dosage. Hopefully she can tolerate this reduction and will feel OK.  This week we expect several of the items to arrive we ordered to help Margie maneuver about  due to  her weakened knees which are inoperable.  I will describe them when they are in place and functioning. It is supposed to rain, but my work is inside so that's OK.  And the watering I do for friends is helped if things get soaked before I have to do that easy task. I will tell you about something we got for Margie yesterday.  An illuminated magnifying glass on a stand.  It sits next to her easy chair and now she can read difficult things, mend socks, etc with the very nice LED lit glass. It even has an extra powerful lens for things that are really hard to read.  We are grateful for this item which we have researched a lot Online and are happy to have it. And the best of all, it was 40% discounted because of a coupon Margie found.   Thank you Lord.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A lovely Sunday

We did have a good time at church Sunday. I enjoyed preaching the morning message.  We seemed to keep plenty busy the rest of the day even though it was Sunday.  In the late afternoon Rawlie & Gina dropped by and we enjoyed a nice visit with them while they had a bite to eat.  I helped Margie with the dishes, then headed to our friend's home to water their plants while they are away.  We enjoyed a recorded TV message during our lunch.  Hopefully Margie had a good night.  Nothing indicated otherwise and this morning we will go to her rheumatologist for her next appointment.  I have a Bible study with a friend in the afternoon so our day's work is pretty well outlined for us. We are also expecting this week, delivery of three important items to help Margie with her mobility.  As they arrive we will talk about them.   Thanks for remembering us in prayer.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Day

Of course we look forward with great anticipation to attending the church service here in  And I was honored to be asked to preach in our pastor's absence.  Yesterday turned out to be different in at least one way. I mowed the lawn which is not unusual and that went well - about 2 hours walking behind the lawnmower. I am so glad these bionic knees still "behave".  The bathroom in the master bedroom was making a dripping sound so I had to look at it.   The other bathroom toilet reservoir had been fixed two days prior to this.  When I removed the lid to the tank, water was gushing out and going down the drain at a rapid rate.  I tdurned off the valve, rushed to Ace hardware and purchased another identical set of replacement parts that I got two days ago and returned home and fixed it.  NOW, maybe we will have two properly functioning toilets for a good long while.  We certainly home so.Margie had a pretty good day for which we are grateful.  All indications are that she had a good night.  I did not hear or see anything unusual during the night so I think she slept well. Our son Rawlie is sleeping here and his family up at the Vista house.  There are not enough beds here for us to entertain them all, plus Margie is just not well enough to do much.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Besides other things on the list today, I will be doing some final preparation for the message tomorrow in our church.  I am pleased to be able to help and grateful I was asked.  Yesterday I basically finished the outside work at the Conifer house and am waiting now for colors to be chosen to do the inside painting.  At home I worked in clearing off the workbench in the garage.  Have you ever noticed that all horizontal surfaces get filled with "things".  Ours surely do.   Now it looks better.  We are gathering (not hard to do) material for a garage sale someday in the hopefully near future.  We MUST get rid of that stuff in the garage. Margie had a pretty good day and I believe last night was the same, although she is not up yet so really don't know.  If things are different I will always do an "edit" on this blog and let you know.  Thanks so much for praying. P.S.  Margie's night did not start out good at all but finally leveled off and she slept well.  We are thankful.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Good deal

I never cease to be amazed at what the Internet produces.  I purchased a security bar to help Margie as she gets out of her chair.  After her fall two nights ago, I realized I needed another.  I had been so impressed with Walgreen's site and the good prices, I decided to pursue the same item with them.  I did for 100 dolars cheaper than the one I bought last week in Bellingham.  And this one has no freight fees and will be delivered right here in Ferndale to our local drug store. What a blessing. My chore yesterday was replacing all the hardware in one of the toilets.  It was sort of a first for me on this so was a challenge especially with "bionic" knees.  But thankfully, it all worked out well. Margie kept busy yesterday also around the house and prepared our meals. In the morning I painted at the Conifer house and will return today to complete the outside of the house.  THEN we move inside to do quite a bit of painting.  I also will drop by the home of some friends and do some watering while they are away a few days.  I THINK Margie is having a good night.  I am doing this early before she awakens.  Thanks for praying.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am so sorry to report that Margie fell again last night. Shortly after that she fell slightly again as she was walking in the family room. Her legs were giving her much discomfort, and thus the "walking" in the family room.  She finally got back to sleep and hopefully the rest of the night went well.  I will go to town today and get another security pole to mount by her bed so she can steady herself when she gets out of bed.  This seems to be the problem.  Yesterday  was an important day.  While Margie was at physical therapy, I scouted the furniture stores for lift chairs.  And thankfully I found what I thought was a good one for Margie and when she finished her therapy, we went to look at it.  She did like it so we purchased it.  Actually the store owner had an order coming by truck somewhere between Indiana and Washington, so in a just a matter of hours we should be hearing from him.  I also ordered Online from Walgreens (of all places) a lift seat and the price was half of that quoted to us in Bellingham at the Medical Supply company. That seat will be delivered right here to Walgreens in our town.  Family members provided the financing for these items and we are so grateful.  I hope to get away shortly and do some painting. Thanks friends, for praying.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We are not in the woods hunting but going from store to store looking for a lift chair for Margie.  We are still in that mode but we are limited by her ability to continue on too long due to weakness.  We did see quite a few yesterday and the decision is so hard as there are so many options.  We have learned a lot about lift chairs in the last two weeks.Please pray with us as make the selection.  Today I take Margie for her physical therapy session and I will do some shopping and yes, search for lift chairs.  Yesterday was SUMMER with termperatures in the ukpper 70's.  It was amazing.  Today will be much less.  Thanks to you ALL for your faithfulness iin prayer.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


By the looks of the sunshine, the start of summer, today looks promising.  We are told it will reach 70 in our part of the country.  That's amazing.  Yesterday I painted in the morning and in the afternoon had a one-on-one Bible study. Margie is still trying to adjust her medication.  She has experienced some sleepless nights and that makes for a very tired existence during the day. She was better yesterday.  The support pole, from floor to ceiling, is helping her MUCH as she gets out of the chair.  But today we are going looking for a lift chair.  That along with a lift cushion that we can take to church will greatly help her.  We appreciate your prayers as we shop for these items.  

Monday, June 20, 2011


Margie did not have a good night.  She believes the new medication, taken at 12 hour intervals may be causing this problem.  She will have to contact her doctor about it.  Yesterday we had a pleasant time at church on Father's Day.  Our son called us to give special greetings and after church we met his family at Red Robin and had a great time together enjoying the delicious food served and just being with them. I will be painting this morning and in the afternoon have a Bible study.  We manage to keep busy and that's great.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Action needed

After Margie's fall yesterday morning, she was not able to get out of the Lazy Boy recliner once she was in it.  Nothing I could do would help.  I realized I had to act immediately.  I went to town to a medical supply company and got a support bar that extends from the floor to the ceiling securely and has adjustments so she can grasp it for help in getting up.  It is the next best thing to a lift chair but certainly not as accommodating. We plan to get a lift chair also as soon as we can find one in the price range that's suitable.  Margie left a note for me in the bathroom last night, stating she had a bad night and would doubtless sleep in this morning.  We appreciate so much your prayers for her as we work out some of these details of her care.  Our family invited us to Father's Day lunch at a restaurant about 35 minutes from our home.  I will have to check with Margie when she awakens to see if she is up to it. I also wonder if she will be able to go to church this morning.  We'll see pretty soon. thanks for praying. (P.S. - Margie just awakened, saying she was awake a good part of the night. She doesn't know what went wrong. This has not happened in a long time.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Yesterday I painted and then spent the rest of my time searching and researching "lift chairs."   I located one in a nearby town that was very reasonably priced.  Margie and I looked at it but it had been previously owned at least by two others, so we decided it was better to start off with something newer.  It was also soiled.  So we will keep on looking.  Margie was able to do more yesterday, including washing and ironing and cleaning out another cupboard, getting ready for a huge garage sale some day.  When she got pretty tired, I finished the ironing for her.  Early this morning, Margie closed the sliding door in our bedroom.  She keeps it open much of the time for fresh air.  It helps her sleep.  As she stepped away from shutting it, she slipped and fell.  I awakened and found her on the floor motionless.  I though she had passed out.  Fortunately, she didn't. We were able to get her up and she went back to bed where she is now sleeping.  Please pray that she will not fall again.  This concerns me greatly.  Our son and his family came to Ferndale yesterday to work some  more on the homes they plan to rent or sell.  It is nice to have them here.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Yesterday was filled with plenty of activity.  Thankfully Margie was able to do a few things and besides preparing lunch, she dusted the furniture.  That prompted me to vacuum the house.  I spent the morning going through Group Health papers finding the 2010 amount spent on prescription medications so we could submit it to the Auditor's office with the hopes of getting a reduction on our property taxes.  We are hoping that will be the case.  I had planned on painting yesterday but all the activity of the morning, I decided to mow and trim the lawn.  I am glad that's over for the week.  But I do enjoy mowing and am thankful I can walk behind the mower for 2 hours with these bionic knees.  Margie's abdominal pain has lessened for which we are thankful.  She contacted her doctor yesterday relative to increasing one of the medications as an experiment to see if it would help.  Thanks so much for praying.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


During the night Margie tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and she doesn't know how it happened but she could't get her feet out of the covers.  To make a longer story shorter, she slipped onto the floor and could not get up.  She called for me and it was either call 911 or try it myself.  She always hesitates to have me try because of my artificial knees that are not supposed to support too much weight.  Well I told her I was going to do it and thankfully it worked out ok. Her knees are so bad that is why all the trouble.  The orthopedic surgeon said there is nothing that can be done for this. This is why we are in the process of getting proper lift chairs, seats and bars for her safety around the house.  It will take some time and we appreciate your prayers while we work on these projects. Yesterday Margie had physical therapy and I spent the day getting some necessary work done in our office.  At night we had prayer meeting at the church.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still hurting

Margie was at least optimistic yesterday that the new medication seems to be reacting a "little" on her abdominal pain.  If an ulcer is causing this discomfort, then maybe the doctor prescribed the right treatment.  We pray this is so.  Margie was able to go through more of the "stuff" we would like to offer in our up=coming garage sale (whenever that will be).  I painted yesterday and almost finished the sun roof at the Conifer house and now have only the small storage shed to paint and I will be finished with that project.  Our son has urged me not to do any risky high ladder work as I paint so I left the one end peak of the house for some younger person to paint.  If I had adequate ladders I could do that part.  I am VERY CAREFUL on the ladder.I take Margie to the physical therapy appointment this morning.  Tonight is prayer meeting.  We are hopeful Margie can attend.  We missed Sunday because she wasn't feeling well.  I am pretty sure Margie had a good night, although she is still in bed as I write this.  If it changes I will add a word to this blog later.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We are praying and hopeful that yesterday morning's consultation with Margie's physician, will bring some relief to her.  They now have newer treatments for stomach ulcers so her doctor is trying to determine if indeed she has this problem.  if present this medication will normally heal it.  We pray that will be the case.  Please join usin pray about this.  Her doctor also gave her the forms and I took them to a branch office of the Dept. of Transit, and obtained a handicap parking permit for her. That will be such a help for her.  I had a discipleship class in the afternoon and then picked up more medication for Margie afterwards. Margie just told me she had a very good night so we are thankful to hear this.

Monday, June 13, 2011

More help

Today Margie sees her doctor trying to find the cause of her abdominal pains.  We pray she will be able to suggest to Margie perhaps another test of some kind.  If there is time and Margie's conditions permits it, I may go paint some more today. I will be in a covered area  (outside) so if it rains (and I think it will), I can continue.
Margie was not able to go to church yesterday and so we stayed home and watched some very good programs on TV.  It's not the same as going to church but certainly is a blessing when one cannot attend.  Our son was with us until yesterday afternoon.  Margie had a good night and that is an answer to prayer. She had to awaken very early because she will be her doctor's first patient this morning.  We have to get there early.  Thank you so much for praying.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


As we reported yesterday, our trip to the ER did not produce any answer to why Margie is suffering this discomfort in her abdomen.  It would be such a relief to know WHAT was causing the pain. All she can do until she sees her physician Monday, is take the medication the emergency room doctor prescribed. Margie worked rested between different chores around the house.  I told her let me do the ironing  but she insisted on doing it.  Finally I just took over and finished up a couple of the items so she could rest.  I was able to get away a little and do some painting at the Confer house.  I only do this if Margie feels well enough for me to get away.  I am confident she had a good night as I never did hear her up during the night.  We are grateful for a night's rest.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


One never knows what a day may bring forth.   As I was preparing to leave at noon the painting job, Margie called saying the distress and pain in her abdomen was increasing.  She thought she should go to the E.R. because her family couldn't see her until Monday morning.  So we arrived at the E.R. before 1:30 and the place was BUSY.  Dr. Sullivan ordered an ultra sound of the gall bladder which turned out a good report. We were thankful.  Then he ordered an MRI and after that was diagnosed, the report was GOOD.  But Margie still had no answer for the pain.  I guess at this juncture, we still don't know.  He did prescribe medication that may help that pain subside.  I think it is all a GUESSING game.  So I will leave shortly to pick up the prescription and Margie will start that to see if there is some relief.  I called the prayer chain at our church and we appreciate so much those who are praying for Margie.  Our son arrived while we were gone and it was nice to see him when we arrived.   We had been gone for over 7-1/2 hours.

Friday, June 10, 2011

More painting

I am trying to finish one painting assignment but I know I still have a few days on it.  Margie is not feeling real well and has scheduled an appointment with her doctor.  My experiment on the Lazy Boy lift chair did not work out yesterday so I dismantled it.  I will see if the doctor can get our insurance to help pay for the proper chair she needs.  Margie is still in bed as I write this but I believe her night was OK.  We pray so.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Thankfully Margie had a better day yesterday and we pray it will be the same today.  She had her physical therapy session in the morning which always helps her.  At home I elevated the Lazy Boy recliner so it would be easier for her to get out of.  Otherwise it is an excruciating experience each time she gets up from the chair.  We learned through a health care medical supply company that the lift chairs made for this purpose are very expensive and normally insurance plans do not cover them.  For the time being, the elevated one I set up may be OK.  We will see as time goes on.  Last night we had prayer meeting and it is always a blessing to meet for that purpose.  Hopefully today I can get more painting done on the Conifer house.  It is cloudy and rain may come later on but I should be able to work in more protected areas. Margie had a good night last night after she finally got the room cool enough.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not well

Margie did not have a good day.  We had to go into town but she was so exhausted that she remained in the car most the time and I did the necessary things.  Her back had a flare up again yesterday and she used ice packs to get some relief.  This morning we go for her regular physical therapy and she's hoping for some help there too especially in the neck area where all this trouble seemed to start over a year and a half ago. She is naturally frustrated because she rarely drives anymore due to her eye condition. So she is concerned when I have to relinquish my work to drive her to the appointments.  I assured her that she is my priority and as long as our "bosses" (our son and daughter-in-law) are  OK with my taking off from the painting jobs, everything is fine.  thanks so much for your prayers for her.  I know it is discouraging for her to have so many health issues. We are thankful she has gained strength to do more of the household chores which I did before.  And I would be most happy to continue she really wants to help.  We are thankful. She just told me she had a very good night.  Thank you Lord !

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Margie had a chiropractic treatment yesterday for her back which greatly helped her.  She slept well last night and that treatment helped a lot.  We are off to town this morning to care for some medical needs and necessary shopping.  I will also get more paint for the house I am painting.  Not much painting today because it is raining. I should have mowed he lawn yesterday but I was not too thrilled with starting at 6 in the evening to do that 2 + hour work. Now I will have to wait until the grass dries.  Oh well, as I have said often: there is never a dull moment. We trust your day goes well.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Can't believe it

Wow, another beautiful day.  We are hoping Margie  can see the chiropractor about her back this morning. She has been having trouble getting to sleep at night because of it and it also affects her stomach.  We had a good morning at church yesterday.  It is always nice to worship together with our friends. Our son Rawlie left in the afternoon for his home in Stanwood.  His family was all her for a nice visit in the afternoon.  This morning I am hoping to be able to get more painting done. We have several medical trips this week and we'll have to work in our painting around them. This afternoon I have Bible study with a man from our church.  As you can see there is neverf a dull moment around here.  Thank the Lord for strength to do it.   Thanks for praying.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Catching up

Yesterday there were many things at my desk which I had to care for.  So I spent the good part of the day doing them.  It never ceases to amaze us how much there is to do in retirement.  I know why, it's just that we don't care to admit it. Yesterday Margie made her usual telephone calls, ministering to different ones around the country. She started this because on our Shepherd's travels, Saturday was free usage on cell phones so it worked out well.  We also went over to the Conifer house to examine my paint job and take pictures, but also inspect our grandson's fine tile work on the fireplace heat shield. This morning, Lord willing, we will be going down the hill to our church in Ferndale.  We look forward to this.  The day is beautiful and the temperature should be in the 70's. Margie's last two nights have not been the best.  She is having back problems which truly hinder her sleeping.  We will try to get her some help on that tomorrow. Thanks for praying.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lights out

During the night we had a power outage.  It was warm yesterday and it was nice having the doors open for awhile. I painted two shifts during the day and completed the south and west sides of the home completely. Margie prepared meals and did all the week's washing and ironing.  We are happy she is able to do this much.
Our son and his family arrived yesterday and it is nice having them for a few hours. They are very busy working on the two  homes up here.  It is a beautiful day and I would like to be painting but there is so much paper work to do I must stay home and work on it.  

Friday, June 3, 2011

It never ends

Margie continued her never ending task of trying to help in down-sizing our overly crowded shelves and cupboards.  She does as much as her strength allows, rests and continues later.  She also had a short session at the beauty shop yesterday.  She is unable to put up her hair (no strength in her arms) so I take her to the hair dresser occasionally.  My house painting yesterday was interrupted with scattered showers.  I was able to get almost finished with the front of the house so they can photograph it and begin the selling process.  I hope to be able to finish that part this morning.  When the rain drove me completely away from that house, I went to the Vista house to paint kitchen cupboard.  On and on it goes.  At 7:30, Margie hasn't "ermerged" from the bedroom. I am certain she had a pretty good night.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am so grateful for the strength the Lord gives for me to work.  I enjoy the painting and it really helps with Margie's extra medications.  At the Conifer house today I hope to finish the front side of the house so they can take a photo to help them sell it.  Margie continues, day by day, to do as much as she can to keep things going on the home front.  We were pleased to attend last night's prayer meeting at church.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Please pray

I know, but not by personal experience, that when one cannot do many things that they used to do, discouragement sets in.  Margie is certainly in that phase. Yesterday for the first time in months, she sat at the computer to compose a letter to a friend.  The angle of looking at the screen caused severe pain in her neck and she spent the rest of the evening trying to calm it down. Because of her macular degeneration, reading is difficult also for her.  And this is one thing she has always done a lot of.  I am grateful she has improved to the point where she actually does many things around the house that I used to do for her.  She prepared our meal yesterday and we rejoice in these things she can do.  But she is discouraged with the inability to much that she just cannot do anymore.  Thanks so much for praying.  We really appreciate it.