Sunday, June 12, 2011


As we reported yesterday, our trip to the ER did not produce any answer to why Margie is suffering this discomfort in her abdomen.  It would be such a relief to know WHAT was causing the pain. All she can do until she sees her physician Monday, is take the medication the emergency room doctor prescribed. Margie worked rested between different chores around the house.  I told her let me do the ironing  but she insisted on doing it.  Finally I just took over and finished up a couple of the items so she could rest.  I was able to get away a little and do some painting at the Confer house.  I only do this if Margie feels well enough for me to get away.  I am confident she had a good night as I never did hear her up during the night.  We are grateful for a night's rest.

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