Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to work

Depending on Margie's situation, I will return to painting this morning. Yesterday we had a busy day as we did several imporatant errands in Bellingham.  Margie saw her rheumatologist and he reduced her medication.  This was his plan before but temporarily had to increase the dosage. Hopefully she can tolerate this reduction and will feel OK.  This week we expect several of the items to arrive we ordered to help Margie maneuver about  due to  her weakened knees which are inoperable.  I will describe them when they are in place and functioning. It is supposed to rain, but my work is inside so that's OK.  And the watering I do for friends is helped if things get soaked before I have to do that easy task. I will tell you about something we got for Margie yesterday.  An illuminated magnifying glass on a stand.  It sits next to her easy chair and now she can read difficult things, mend socks, etc with the very nice LED lit glass. It even has an extra powerful lens for things that are really hard to read.  We are grateful for this item which we have researched a lot Online and are happy to have it. And the best of all, it was 40% discounted because of a coupon Margie found.   Thank you Lord.

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