Friday, June 24, 2011

Good deal

I never cease to be amazed at what the Internet produces.  I purchased a security bar to help Margie as she gets out of her chair.  After her fall two nights ago, I realized I needed another.  I had been so impressed with Walgreen's site and the good prices, I decided to pursue the same item with them.  I did for 100 dolars cheaper than the one I bought last week in Bellingham.  And this one has no freight fees and will be delivered right here in Ferndale to our local drug store. What a blessing. My chore yesterday was replacing all the hardware in one of the toilets.  It was sort of a first for me on this so was a challenge especially with "bionic" knees.  But thankfully, it all worked out well. Margie kept busy yesterday also around the house and prepared our meals. In the morning I painted at the Conifer house and will return today to complete the outside of the house.  THEN we move inside to do quite a bit of painting.  I also will drop by the home of some friends and do some watering while they are away a few days.  I THINK Margie is having a good night.  I am doing this early before she awakens.  Thanks for praying.

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