Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I missed it

Yesterday morning I reported that Margie had a good night.  Little did I know, I was wrong.  She even called me when having a choking spell but her voice was too weak for me to hear.  I pray this doesn't happen again.
Yesterday was a "delivery day".  In afternoon the support security bar I ordered came by UPS to our front door and before 5 the beautiful lift chair was installed in our family room.  Already Margie is learning to use it and it makes her getting up out of the chair so much easier.  We are indeed grateful for this. We expect one more delivery today - a lift seat which is portable and we can take it anywhere and it will help Margie out of whatever chair she is in. I hope to get some more painting done today but before I leave home I want to make sure Margie is OK.  Right now she is still sleeping.

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