Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am so sorry to report that Margie fell again last night. Shortly after that she fell slightly again as she was walking in the family room. Her legs were giving her much discomfort, and thus the "walking" in the family room.  She finally got back to sleep and hopefully the rest of the night went well.  I will go to town today and get another security pole to mount by her bed so she can steady herself when she gets out of bed.  This seems to be the problem.  Yesterday  was an important day.  While Margie was at physical therapy, I scouted the furniture stores for lift chairs.  And thankfully I found what I thought was a good one for Margie and when she finished her therapy, we went to look at it.  She did like it so we purchased it.  Actually the store owner had an order coming by truck somewhere between Indiana and Washington, so in a just a matter of hours we should be hearing from him.  I also ordered Online from Walgreens (of all places) a lift seat and the price was half of that quoted to us in Bellingham at the Medical Supply company. That seat will be delivered right here to Walgreens in our town.  Family members provided the financing for these items and we are so grateful.  I hope to get away shortly and do some painting. Thanks friends, for praying.

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