Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Not well

Margie did not have a good day.  We had to go into town but she was so exhausted that she remained in the car most the time and I did the necessary things.  Her back had a flare up again yesterday and she used ice packs to get some relief.  This morning we go for her regular physical therapy and she's hoping for some help there too especially in the neck area where all this trouble seemed to start over a year and a half ago. She is naturally frustrated because she rarely drives anymore due to her eye condition. So she is concerned when I have to relinquish my work to drive her to the appointments.  I assured her that she is my priority and as long as our "bosses" (our son and daughter-in-law) are  OK with my taking off from the painting jobs, everything is fine.  thanks so much for your prayers for her.  I know it is discouraging for her to have so many health issues. We are thankful she has gained strength to do more of the household chores which I did before.  And I would be most happy to continue she really wants to help.  We are thankful. She just told me she had a very good night.  Thank you Lord !

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