Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still hurting

Margie was at least optimistic yesterday that the new medication seems to be reacting a "little" on her abdominal pain.  If an ulcer is causing this discomfort, then maybe the doctor prescribed the right treatment.  We pray this is so.  Margie was able to go through more of the "stuff" we would like to offer in our up=coming garage sale (whenever that will be).  I painted yesterday and almost finished the sun roof at the Conifer house and now have only the small storage shed to paint and I will be finished with that project.  Our son has urged me not to do any risky high ladder work as I paint so I left the one end peak of the house for some younger person to paint.  If I had adequate ladders I could do that part.  I am VERY CAREFUL on the ladder.I take Margie to the physical therapy appointment this morning.  Tonight is prayer meeting.  We are hopeful Margie can attend.  We missed Sunday because she wasn't feeling well.  I am pretty sure Margie had a good night, although she is still in bed as I write this.  If it changes I will add a word to this blog later.

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