Saturday, June 25, 2011


Besides other things on the list today, I will be doing some final preparation for the message tomorrow in our church.  I am pleased to be able to help and grateful I was asked.  Yesterday I basically finished the outside work at the Conifer house and am waiting now for colors to be chosen to do the inside painting.  At home I worked in clearing off the workbench in the garage.  Have you ever noticed that all horizontal surfaces get filled with "things".  Ours surely do.   Now it looks better.  We are gathering (not hard to do) material for a garage sale someday in the hopefully near future.  We MUST get rid of that stuff in the garage. Margie had a pretty good day and I believe last night was the same, although she is not up yet so really don't know.  If things are different I will always do an "edit" on this blog and let you know.  Thanks so much for praying. P.S.  Margie's night did not start out good at all but finally leveled off and she slept well.  We are thankful.

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