Thursday, June 16, 2011


During the night Margie tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and she doesn't know how it happened but she could't get her feet out of the covers.  To make a longer story shorter, she slipped onto the floor and could not get up.  She called for me and it was either call 911 or try it myself.  She always hesitates to have me try because of my artificial knees that are not supposed to support too much weight.  Well I told her I was going to do it and thankfully it worked out ok. Her knees are so bad that is why all the trouble.  The orthopedic surgeon said there is nothing that can be done for this. This is why we are in the process of getting proper lift chairs, seats and bars for her safety around the house.  It will take some time and we appreciate your prayers while we work on these projects. Yesterday Margie had physical therapy and I spent the day getting some necessary work done in our office.  At night we had prayer meeting at the church.

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