Sunday, August 15, 2010

The joy of Church attendance

When Margie's physical condition deteriorated many months ago, we were not able to attend church at all. I could not leave her by herself so we both stayed home. For 5 months we only left the house for medical reasons.  Granted there are several very wonderful programs we could view and listen to and we thoroughly enjoyed them.  But nothing can take the place of participation in ones own church service.  Here in Ferndale, WA there is not a cloud in the sky today. The temperature will probably be around 90 degrees.  Our evaporative coolers keep us very comfortable and besides a small amount of electricity to run them, they only require WATER.   We put gallons of water in them each day.  The hotter it gets, the more thirsty they get.   But it is worth it all. Please remember we are in the countdown now for Margie's cataract surgery at 10 AM Tuesday morning.  We thank you for praying for this.

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