Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Heartfelt gratitude

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for Margie's improvement. Her strength level is increasing, her nausea subsided a little, and she is able to do more things around the house.  And the best of all, she feels absolutely safe being by herself while I am away.  She still prefers I be here but can cope with it completely when I am away.  This allows me to get away to my painting responsibilities.  Before, she went with me or had someone stay with her, but this is very awkward and it is much preferable to be at home.  Yesterday the team ( a well known family) from our church came and mowed our lawn, weeded the flower bed and even sprayed the wasp nest that was making home behind the rain gutter troughs.Margie had another good night.  Thanks, dear friends, for your prayers which we greatly value.

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