Monday, August 22, 2011

Wish it were better !

We wish we could bring you a better report.  Yesterday we attended Sunday School at our church.  Margie really didn't tell me before we left, that she was not feeling well.  All day she suffered from nausea and a general let down in her strength level and well being.  We are so sorry to report  such things and pray for answers for her improvement.  She was so encouraged the previous days so yesterday was a let down.  She is going to try to eliminate some of her medications and see if they are causing this.  It is definitely worth the experiment.  As I write this, she is still asleep.  I firmly believe she had a good night but will soon know as she asked me to awaken her at 7:30.   She has goals for today and I admire her for this.  I plan to paint unless I note it better for me to stay here.  Thanks for praying.  You have been so faithful and we appreciate it greatly.

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