Thursday, August 11, 2011

Never ends

It is a marvelous fact that our work never ends. We rejoice in health good enough to continue.  Margie is feeling better but is still fighting the problem of nausea. She is systematically discontinuing some medications with the hopes she can find the "culprit".  So far we are still in the dark on this one. Yesterday she had physical therapy which always helps her.  Next week she adds a factor to her physical therapy and that is "stabilization".  They want to work with her to get her more stable as she stands walks and moves about. This is encouraging. We checked out another paint job opportunity yesterday and today I will pursue it more.  Our son and family are here as the Conifer house will be put on the market Saturday with an open house.  A lot of  work has gone into it and we pray it will sell easily.  It is a very attractive house. They did their homework and it shows. Thank you all for your prayers,

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