Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper work

It's remarkable how involved paper work can be.  We purchased cancellation insurance for our flight to Milwaukee in December,but Margie was not able to fly so we applied for a refund.  It has taken this long to finalize the deal.  It involved a trip to her medical doctor to fill out forms, and another follow call to her later.  We received the first installment of the refund payment last week, but in order to get the rest the airline held in our account in case we wanted to to apply it to our next flight, we had to fill out special papers and sign them and send them in.  We know now that to get a refund on flight cancellation insurance is a lengthy procedure.  Yesterday we had a fast paced shopping trip into Bellingham.  It is always good to be home.  Margie had a good night for which we are grateful.  I'm still pursuing employment. My brother in Alaska is "thinking" for me about ideas.  Maybe one of these days one will "gel" into reality.  We pray so.

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