Monday, February 7, 2011

Off to town

This morning, before long, we will be leaving for Bellingham to do some necessary shopping.  We have noticed how much better it is to shop EARLY rather than later.  It is encouraging now that Margie can go into the stores with me.  Before she would stay in the car while I shopped.  We are so thankful for her improvement.  And we continue to do so.  We had a good day at church yesterday.  I enjoyed preaching the Word.  Our pastor was present, using a walker to get around after his partial knee surgery.  Next week he should be back in full swing again.  Yesterday morning I along with other men were prayed for at the end of the service as being newly chosen to serve on the board.   We are honored to do this and look forward to service.  We pray you all have a wonderful day filled with His blessings.  They all come from Him.

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