Monday, February 21, 2011

Regular schedule

Monday seems to be the day we use to do our shopping in town.  Even though it is Presidents Day, the stores we visit will be open.  We hope to get it all done and be back in Ferndale before too long.  Yesterday was a blessing to meet missionary Don Trott ABWE who we mentioned yesterday in our blog.  It was a blessing to hear his report on the progress of the Wendell Kempton Memorial Medical Center in Mango, Togo.  Our son Rawlie treated us to lunch at a nice restaurant and stayed for a short visit afterward and a latte then headed back to his home in Stanwood.  The weatherman forecasts snow this week.  We'll see.  Margie had a pretty good night but did have a choking spell at one time.  These always concern us and we will never get used to them.

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