Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Busy Monday

Yesterday we went to town for some necessary shopping.  We make quite a few stops before returning home. We are glad Margie feels strong enough for these.  At the beginning I went by myself to shop.  Then as Margie got stronger, she accompanied me but stayed in the car while I shopped at each place.  THEN came the day she said she was going into the store.  What a great day that was.  NOW we both do the shopping, each with part of the grocery list.  So you can see things are getting better and we praise the Lord for that.  We both report a good night last night. Margie wrote our NEW YEAR'S letter and I typed it up last night.  Today, perhaps, Margie will try to add some notes to some we send electronically via e-mail.   It's a beautiful day in Ferndale, the temperature is 28 (COLD) but nothing like other parts of the country.  The sun is shining brightly and we thank the Lord for a warm home and the measure of health He has given us.

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