Saturday, February 26, 2011


We are grateful to the Lord for giving Margie another good night.  After her very tiring episode with a choking spell a couple of days ago, we have prayed much and asked you also to remember her.   Thank you so much.
Yesterday despite her weakened condition, Margie did the washing and ironing.  She is determined to move onward even with these physical set backs. I think I have finished all the background work needed to now finalize our report for the IRS.  I hope so.  Snow is forecast for today but only a little bit. The 55 mph winds out of the north have subsided.  Last night the temperature was supposed to be 12 degrees, but was 25.  That's good. Rawlie, our son, called this morning and concurred with us that we will not be driving to his place tomorrow for an afternoon lunch.  It is snowing there and we probably couldn't get up the hill to their home.

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