Friday, March 9, 2018


Proverbs 30:5  Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.

When one sees what God's word can do, we rejoice even more,
We are encourage to keep on reading, and these treasures explore.
The more we read, more blessings are received; this is our joy.
And we keep on praying that we will always this habit employ,
His promise to us is a shield; what protection He gives His own,
You can be sure of this my friend, we are never never alone.  (RP)

My first day with a modified voice was yesterday. As I spoke, to my ears it sounded like I was crying. Apparently to those who heard, this was not the case. I was not to speak much until late afternoon. When I talked on the phone, people thought my voice was better. Everyone with whom I talk says the same thing. Whatever voice I have now, according to the surgeon, is temporary. I am thinking the stuff they injected into the chord, disappears after awhile. If another procedure is necessary, it will be surgery and very fascinating at that. They cut my throat, and go in and physically attach layer after layer of whatever it is in there against the vocal chord, UNTIL my voice reaches the desired timbre. How does he know this? Because in this surgery with my neck open, I will be talking to him. This is how he does it.  Please pray. I need it. And thanks for doing it. 

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