Thursday, March 22, 2018


Psalm 119:133  Direct my steps by Your word, And let no iniquity have dominion over me.

I am so glad we have God's word, to direct us along the way, 
There is no better guidebook to help us along each day.
Read the Word, and let it sink deeply into your heart,
And you will soon learn that you have chosen the good part.
And a plus of reading this Book is this: God will be in control,
And you will see how great it is when He has the major role. (RP)

I was shocked yesterday when I opened another case of nutrient for my peg-tube feeding. One of the inner boxes was missing 3 of the units of the special Replete Fiber formula. I immediately called the company and she wanted me to check the rest of the boxes. I went out into the garage, took a stool with me, and opened 7 more cases to examine them. Fortunately no more were missing. The company will send the missing items to me with the next shipment. I infuse eight of those containers into my system each day.  I was able yesterday to transfer 40 more chapters of my book into the master copy which will be sent to Xulon Press for their perusal. Thanks so much for your help in prayer during this recovery time and always. 

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