Thursday, October 4, 2018


I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Phil 4:13

The enabling power of Jesus helping all who are His own,
Giving help for God honoring efforts, knowing always we're not alone.
His strength is so assuring and his presence a comfort indeed,
So with courage we face each challenge knowing this promise is guaranteed.(RP)

When I started speech therapy many months ago, I was instructed about the necessity of oral hygiene. Given the fact that I am prone to aspirate liquids into my lungs, they told me that brushing the teeth often was a MUST.  As time passed, they added four times a day to my schedule to ingest semi  liquid-type food.  These are things that don't include watery things like soup, etc. So, I brush my teeth often. You cannot even imagine how many tubes of toothpaste I have used, with the eight brushings per day. This routine became such a part of life that one doesn't even think about it. Early on they told me that I must keep the mouth clean because of the saliva we swallow all the time. That includes brushing the tongue as well. Wow, never a dull moment, and I am glad for the Dollar Tree, where I buy my toothpaste. Thanks for praying.

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