Monday, December 25, 2017


We thank God everyday for blessings He bestows,
There are so many, who can count them, who really knows?
A gift each Christmas we'll not forget, is God's greatest one to us,
The unspeakable gift called Jesus, is for each of us a great plus.  (RP)

This is the first Christmas in decades we have not had our traditional brunch. Why? Because we did it yesterday. The family took advantage of my preaching at our  church, and we did it after the service. It went very well. There were 14 here to participate in the delicious brunch our family prepared. And I received a gift I never expected: a Keurig coffee machine. This morning Rawlie is going to show me how to get it going and we will have a cup while enjoying our breakfast. We had a wonderful time, and Margie was remembered. But she has it way better than we, because she is with the Lord. Thanks so much for your prayers. 

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