Tuesday, August 28, 2018


I rejoice at Your word As one who finds great treasure. Psa 119:162  

God's Word is so rich and food for the soul, for the one who will search it out, 
And the spiritual food found in the pages clear, leaves no one with a doubt.
Finding treasures so great in this God-given Book is the best discovery of all,
So encourage your friends to examine this Book to find comfort whether great or small.  (RP)

I have not been motivated very much to get this next book to publisher. Yesterday I decided that I must spend more time on it. So I worked most of the day on it. I had to submit ideas how I wanted the cover design, and then worked up the information for the back cover. There are still many things I have to do.  I am allowed 30 pictures, and anything over that demands a higher price. That is no problem because I will have loads of  problems trying to even find 30. I had many pictures, but when I clicked on the folders, they were empty. I am checking today with the company that backs up my computer. I hope I can find some. Thanks for praying.

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