Sunday, February 4, 2018


The Lord will indeed give what is good. Psalm 85:12

It is so easy to go through life thinking we should have more,
We are reminded right here that God gives to us from His store.
He has supplied our need, and we should be content with this,
And best of all He knows what is good, and by this rule insists.
Christian be content with what you have, that's your portion today,
When needs arise, you can be sure God will provide along the way.  (RP)

I planned to attend the installation service of our new pastor this morning. I was all dressed for the event when a text from an elder said the pastor is sick with the flu. They have made last minute adjustments and texts and phone calls to have the service at another time. I am relieved. Rawlie came to take me to this, now that will be postponed. There is so much flu out there, it is doubtless better to stay home. I am very content with this decision. Thanks for praying.

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