Saturday, September 22, 2018


Love never fails... 1 Cor 13:8 

Of all the things in the world, God's love is the greatest of all,
And it's scope is immense for sure, and it favors neither great nor small.
The love of Jesus excels all, when He paid the price for my sin,
And now I can shout, thank you Lord, for saving and taking me in.  (RP)

I enjoyed the Bible class Friday, and I think the members did too. We finished the book of Ruth. I handed out the study sheets for the book of Esther which we start next Friday. My dietitian from CORAM, explained that I no longer need to sterilize the equipment I use for the infusion process. I have for 7 or 8 months faithfully sterilized the items 4 times a day. That is a lot of steps to go through 4 times a day. She said I will now have a little more time. That is true. I started this process yesterday and indeed, it is very nice. Thanks for praying.  

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