Saturday, November 25, 2017


They will fight against you, But they shall not prevail against you. For I am with you, says the LORD,to deliver you.     Jer 1:19

No matter how tough the battle may get, the promise of God stands tall,
He'll protect and guide and control all affairs and hide you behind his strong wall.
Believe what He says,"I am with you", my child, and this is my promise to you,
I'll be there beside you in thick and thin, and will deliver and see you through.(RP)

Late yesterday afternoon my son brought me the mail, and to my utter surprise was this news: NOTICE OF DENIAL OF MEDICAL COVERAGE.  It is hard to believe my disappointment. After all the great consultations I had at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle, the doctors my E N T specialist recommended, are not listed on my insurance  network of providers. SO we start all over Monday and see what can be done. I appreciate prayer as I make the calls Monday to try and come to a logical conclusion to this problem. Thanks so much for your prayer support.

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