Friday, November 24, 2017


God's Word is our foundation, on it we firmly stand,
Our heritage secure, and the guidance of His hand.
His joy is ours forever, given us by His great love,
And all this comes so freely from our Father up above.(RP)

Yesterday Rawlie came from his home in Stanwood and drove me to their church. There, a delicious meal was being prepared for those who gathered. It was great to meet new people, and see my grandchildren and Gina, and several others. Gina prepared a special soup for me, because I am on a liquid diet. It all went well and the time was enjoyable.  At 4 pm we started the trip back home. Rawlie is staying is with me and this morning we go for coffee and breakfast at Haggen food store (and Starbucks). Thanks so much for praying. There is no Bible class this morning because the Senior Center is closed. 

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