Thursday, November 1, 2018


The First Baptist Church of Ferndale, Washington Parking Lot Party last night was an honor to the Lord. Yes, there were plenty of wonderful things for the children to enjoy. Booths with  many ways to test ones skills and win a prize were available.  An abundance of candy was there for those who wanted to trick or treat, and plenty of delicious food also. Music was provided by our church worship team, which added greatly to the evening enjoyment. The Gideons distributed New Testaments, and several were circulating among the crowd, telling people about Jesus. What a blessing. We thank EACH of you. Thanks for praying


John 12:32 And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.
What the world needs is Jesus; we must tell them the story,There is no choice on our part; the command is mandatory.If we will just faithfully lift up Jesus by our lives and lips today,He will use what we have done for Him in an ordinary way.When He is proclaimed,people are drawn to Jesus our Lord,And I assure you dear Christian, when done, this is your reward.  (RP

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