Thursday, September 17, 2015


Psalm 5:3
My voice You shall hear in the morning,O LORD; In the morning I will direct it to You, And I will look up.

Determined to speak to the Lord each day, the Psalmist wrote his vow,
And oh how special it was for him to declare just when and how.
He desired to pray in the morning, and start his day just right,
Doing it this way was routine which gave him perfect delight.
The focal point of his morning was God, as he looked to Him above,
And all through the day he was aware of one thing; his heavenly Father's love.(RP)

Margie's doctor at the Wound Healing Clinic order ed compression socks for her. We got them but had a terrible time getting them on. We remember years ago going through this but unfortunately we forgot the technique. We went to a medical supply company where we have purchased things before, and the kind lady showed us how to put them on Margie. The ones we were using were really not the best so we purchased another pair there. This morning it was my turn to "install" them. It went well. We have to treat her wound each day before we put the socks on. It is a process but now we know. While I am gone to Anchorage perhaps Gina can help her with them. Today is hair and prayer day and we look forward to it. Thanks for praying. 

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