Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Not again?


Be still and know that I am God Psalm 46:10

Confusion, noise and racket, abound in every place,
Distractions and annoyances multiply, to keep us from God's face.
I hear a clear voice from heaven telling me right now, be still,.
God wants us to listen to Him, His love our hearts to fill.
Know that He is God, my friend, take time to let Him speak,
And you will know the joy that comes with this fellowship unique.(RP)

It happens so often. Margie tries a medication and it works one time, then the next it fails.  That's last night's story. It did not work.   We will see what can be done tonight to help her.  Meanwhile, we worked more on the Brazil book.  I sent 45 more stories to the editor.  I wrote two new ones and have 3 more to do today.  The ideas keep coming as Margie reads through our journals. We are still working on a title for the book.  We don't want a LONG one, but short and to the point.  Thank you for praying with us about this and other issues related to Margie's health. 

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