Friday, March 27, 2015


For I am the LORD, I do not change…. Malachi 3:6

I'm so glad our heavenly Father changes not,
He is pure,and in any wrong he cannot be caught.
He can be counted on because He does not fail,
He helps each one of us, even when we are frail.
Circumstances change, and oft we are in a mess,
He helps us overcome, even when there's stress.
Thank God we are safe in Him; He always cares,
And through every trial our every burden bears.(RP)

Yesterday at prayer meeting at our church, we heard the elevator is being repaired so the only route to the prayer room was stairs. Margie said she was going. We got there and with the use of handrails on each side of the staircase, she was able to ascend and descend just right. I am proud of her effort to climb the stairs. Today is our BIG day because of the Bible study this morning. We ALWAYS look forward to it. The members seem quite pleased we are starting the book of Genesis. I am too, and it has been a pleasure to prepare for it. Thanks for praying. 

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