Saturday, July 23, 2011

Difficult days

My heart goes out to Margie who in her present state is obviously confused or the medication for seizures is causing her to hallucinate. It is not easy to see your loved one in this state. I pray this medication will either help her or the doctors will try another.  Her previous "seizures" which lasted generally a short time, have now changed into a pattern where one cannot know when it begins or ends.  Margie is lucid in many things, but the repetitive phrases over and over are disturbing. Basically one cannot have a two way conversation with her. She will answer questions but is not interactive like one would normally be (and especially her) in a conversation.  The representative for the Rehab Center, a part of the Peace Health - St. Joseph's complex, stated to us yesterday that Margie may qualify for rehab in their unit.  If so, she will be moved there and undergo 3 hours of daily therapy, spaced according to the ability of the patient. They will also continue to monitor her present problem of seizure like symptoms.  She also stated, given Margie's present evaluation, that she will need 24/7 care.  So--I have painted the picture for you.  Please pray with us for God's direction to know how to give her the best care possible.  We are so glad it is all in HIS HANDS.


Anonymous said...

Ralph, this is so very difficult for both of you, I know. All we can do is pray, and a lot of us are doing that.


Anonymous said...

Sr. Ralph, estamos orando para que por D. Margie. Hoje em Bomfim, fizemos um circulo de oração. Joao Cabral e Cristina