Sunday, July 17, 2011

Another milestone.

Yesterday our son treated us to a wonderful meal at a restaurant in Bellingham, WA for Margie's birthday.  We had a great time and delicious meal.  We were so thankful Margie wanted to celebrate her day this way. I was shocked to discover a charge in our banking of almost the amount of our Social Security payment.  I called the bank immediately and they are going to contest it.  I also called the company which charged us and explained that we received NOTHING from them.  It will be interesting how all this works out.  I know i surely does pay to balance ones checkbook. Today, Lord willing, we plan on attending church if Margie is up to it.  I have no reason to believe she did not have a good night but we'll see when she awakens shortly. Margie received many birthday greetings via cards and electronic cards and e-mails.  Thank you for remembering her.

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