Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No rehab

Yesterday morning the doctor told me the paper work was being processed for Margie to go to REHAB at the hospital south campus.  Later he told me that the team had concluded Margie was much better and could go home.  I was (am) in the countdown for a colonoscopy and was unable to go get her.  God's providence is so wonderful. Margie's brother from Canada was visiting her at that moment in the hospital and offered to bring her home. What a blessing that was.  Margie did well, but was very tired.  She slept in her lift chair for quite a while. There was a misunderstanding regarding the important medication Margie is supposed to be taking.  I finally figured out that they had faxed the prescription to the local Walgreen's.  When I called, they said they did not have the medicine and would make a search in the county for it.  I called the hospital, concerned about it and later Walgreen's stated they had consulted with the doctor and an adequate substitute was found.  But I had another problem.  For the same reason I could not go bring Margie home, I also  could not go get the medication.  Our son, who was here working on one of their homes, took the extra time and got it for us before returning to his home in Stanwood.  The Lord is so good in taking care of these things for us.  And the text messages, phone calls and e-mails were abundant with offers for future help, if needed.  We are so grateful for this.  My brother in Anchorage also graciously offered to come down and assist in any way needed.  All of these things are overwhelming.  Thank you all for your care and prayers,

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