Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long day

We know that a day always has the same amount of hours, but the expression "long day" expresses well how we were involved in it.   Margie saw her doctor.  To get an appointment the same day she called is a miracle.  She referred us to the proper place to schedule a CT scan. She wants to be sure her previous fall and injury to the head is not causing some of the falls she is still experiencing. Thanks for paying abvout this with us. We will make that appointment this morning.  We had several important things to do in Lynden and Bellingham so thus the "long day".  I am glad that Margie "held up" well.  We were mighty glad to be home however.  Our son concluded his day working on a rental house then came by our place to get his suitcase and a short visit and headed for his home in Stanwood, WA.  Lord willing we will see him again next Saturday.   Today I start my countdown for the colonoscopy and endoscopy tests on the 26th. The rigid dietary preparation, as many of you know, prohibits most of the "goodies" we enjoy.  Margie is still asleep as I write this but I am pretty sure her night went well.

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