Monday, July 25, 2011

Delightful news

(later: please notice that the material below has changed:  Now she is coming HOME in about an hour to our house.  We will need God's help as we adjust to her care.  But we are so happy for joy of doing it.)
The Lord showers us with blessing sometimes too good to comprehend.  Yesterday Margie was SO MUCH better than previous ones.  The previous medication obviously caused the strange behavior. Now with the newer one the picture is much brighter.  We were still concerned however, with certain behaviors.  Today as I was writing our web page remarks and this blog, the doctor called saying that Margie qualified for REHAB at the South Campus of Peace Health St. Joseph's hospital.  Before this, Margie had called me and her voice was cheery and apparently back to her normal self. She was a little confused on the day of the week, but after a hospital stay this can be normal. So we are thrilled she will be able to fine tune and learn new motor skills at REHAB which will help her live a more normal life here at home.  I am sure we have much ground to cover yet before she is back to the place where we started last Tuesday, but are encouraged with what the Lord has done thus far. He gets all the credit for it all.  We cannot begin to thank you enough for your prayer support for Margie. It means so much to us.  I am unable to be with Margie today and most of tomorrow because I am in the countdown diet for a colonoscopy and endoscopy tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Estavamos lembrando ontem que D.Margie nos ensinou um corinho em ingles que dizia: SING AND THE CLOUDS AWAY, PRAY AND PRAY... essas liçoes a gente não esquece.. estamos orando por ela. JOAO e CRISTINA CABRAL